Tuesday, August 10, 2021




Gypsy Rhapsody

(a 1977 Airstream that is taking a nap after writing this)

What to do?...What to do when the grandkids come visit?  Maybe a better question would be…what not to do?  There is so much stuff to do in this area, it would take years to complete everything…and then new things keep popping up…and it’s always fun to repeat the old stuff.  So, with that said, here’s what Vannie and Dave came up with.

Day 1…Millett Park in Red River…rock climbing (not a scrapped knee in sight), basketball…(boys against girls, acting silly on the park stage (there was cheerleading, singing, storytelling).  After leaving the park, first stop The Candy Crate.  So much candy, but can you guess what those kids bought… fried worms.  Whose grandkids are these?  Oh well…more shopping followed…t-shirts, stuffed animals, magnets in a bag…do they REALLY need all this?


Day 2…rafting on the Rio Grande River…Daughter, Emilie, and Vannie and Dave love New Wave Rafting Company.  Great guides, equipment, and small groups. One of the highlights was the otter sighting.  Otters are Maddie’s favorite animal…so you can imagine how excited she got.  Over-the-moon, for sure.  The raft adventure was a success…no one fell out of the boat, no one got sunburned (well, maybe a little), and everyone was still smiling at the end.   Ate lunch at the Pilar Yacht Club.  Perfect cozy little place…outside seating…good food. Back to the condo in Red River for a delightful swim in the heated pool at the Caribel Condo.

Ready for the adventure


Yacht Club

Now, that looks sooo refreshing

Day 3…Santa Fe…Meow Woof…Vannie and Dave opted to hang around Walmart while the Emilie and the kids checked out MW.  The grandparents had gone to MW several years ago with the grandkids.  Lots of flashing lights…dark corridors…unusual exhibits.  V and D could hardly stand upright after that experience, so they left it to the younger crowd.  Of course, the Emilie and the kids loved it.  Lunch at Chick-fil-A…then on to the plaza.  Lots of people, but fun to walk around…Maddie had a particular item that she was looking for…and low and behold, it was found…at the very last shop before returning. Back to the condo and some late evening fishing. Caught 6 fish and Vannie cleaned them in the dark.  Rainbow trout and French fries for dinner.  YUM!

Meow Wolf

Santa Fe Plaza

Shopping can be sooo tiring...
Dave had to take a break.

Another trout for the frying pan

Day 4… Hiked the Vista de Questa trail.  This trail is the V and D’s favorite trail.  Great views, half of it is in the cool forest, and it’s long enough…it’s about 2 miles up and 2 miles down.  Vincent whined a little on the way up the mountain, and Maddie did her share of whining on the way down the mountain…so it all evened out.  Phew!  We made a quick stop at the Questa Library.  Maddie loves that place, and seeing the new addition was a treat.

Thank goodness for this resting spot.

Lunch break

Day 5…Red River…Summer tubing, Pioneer Flyer, and Hidden Treasure Aerial Park…V and D passed on the tubing, but Vannie stepped up to the plate and did the Pioneer Flyer and the Hidden Treasure Aerial Park.  She didn’t make it to the 3rd level, but loved the zip line.  A huge clap of thunder followed by a very nearby bolt of lightning cleared the Aerial Park like rats on a sinking ship.  Emilie and Maddie were on the 3rd level.  Very scary.  Thankfully everyone was good.

The slide is very slick...FAST

That's Emilie and Maddie at the time...Yikes

Day 6…Early flight out of Albuquerque to Austin, TX.  Time for that nap!!!

Thursday, July 1, 2021



Gypsy Rhapsody

(a 1977 Airstream that loves summers in New Mexico)

Yep, we headed out just before Memorial Day...

...stopping overnight at Lake Colorado City, TX.

The wild flowers were like something 

in a Monet painting.

I think yellow is my color.

The glow from these flowers make me  glow, too.


Do you think this is the Easter Bunny?
Lots of good places to hide eggs...

This is beet stems and leaves.
Vannie and Dave bought fresh beets at the 
farmer's market before they left Hillsboro.
Vannie said she had never eaten beet stems and leaves,
but it was worth a try.
Dave said, "Delicious".

Lots of sites like this going across west Texas...
Road, Sky, Telephone poles, Grass, and

How about this perfect set-up!!!!
Tent for sewing, art, and eating...
Dave has his music room on
the other side...in a smaller tent.
Has his keyboard, chair, and music...

Our little campground is so special.
The sunsets glow yellows and oranges...
sometime they are lavender and pink.
I guess just what the Lord decides to use
out of his art pallet.  

The mountains are a lot cooler than Texas or Louisiana, so
what do South Louisiana folks do when it gets cooler...
make gumbo.!!!

These guys are along the road to Red River.
On their way to work at the Caribel, V and D often spot these long horn sheep. 
You have to be very careful, because sometime they like to walk out in the road.
Ask Dave...he came face to face with one several years ago.
Had a wee bit of repair work to do on the truck after that meeting.

The Caribel Condos
Great place to work for the summer

V and D having some planting chores at the condo, too.

V and D's first hike of the season is always to
the Questa cemetery.  It's close by their campground,
and the hike is not to strenuous.
The views are spectacular, too.  

Dave took this from the cemetery.
Eagle Rock Lake

The second hike is the Columbine Trail.

Rippling brooks
Tall pine trees
Shady trail
The sounds and smells of the forest are intoxicating.

Did I mention the light?
Late in the afternoon...
in the stillness of the evening...
it can take your breathe away.

Kathy and Ken Mitchell
NTAC buddies

Dave and Ken and Kathy when on the Questa History Walk Tour.
One of the stops was the Questa's St. Anthony's Church.

Douglas Cunningham
Cheryl Moniz
and their adorable granddaughter, August.
More NTAC buddies

Third hike of the season...

Vistas des Questa

How far is it???

Don't you love how these wild flowers grow out of rock!

Here's some more.!

Vannie said these little primroses 
grow along the side of the road in Louisiana...
...and here they are in New Mexico...
Always brings a smile.!!

Look over there, Vannie...
"That's a fer piece from Shiloh"
(That's one of Vannie's mom's sayings.)

Yay...the bench...
Vannie says..."Time to rest and have a snack"

Nature at it's best!

This was on their way back down...
You can clearly see the scar on the side of the
mountain where the Native Americans
come every year to dig the clay for their pots.
They have been doing it for hundred's of years.

Check this out...

V and D had some sore feet when they got back to me.

Epsom Salt in a pan of hot water did the trick.! 

Vannie is the Subscription Manager for the Questa Del Rio News.
Last Saturday she and Dave volunteered at the Craft/Art Market
in downtown Questa.
They had papers to give out, and
they signed people up to get an email subscription to the paper.

Wendy and Alex had some yummy treats at their booth.
Vannie said Dave was their best customer.

Torre, the Leather lady, had some beautiful purses
and earrings.  She is a very talented lady.

This picture was taken on V and D's first Anniversary.

These were taken today on their 54th.

Happy Anniversary

1967 - 2021