Wednesday, February 1, 2023



Minuet in G (MinnieG)

(a 1979 Argosy made by Airstream that wishes she could hop on a barge 

and sail down the Mississippi River)

Guess I can wish all I's not happening.

Vannie and Dave are members of  the Louisiana Airstream Unit.

It seems they never have been in the right place at the right time

to join this group on a rally...until NOW.

                                             I think there were about 12 rigs that attended the rally.

Can you see me?.....Right smack-dab in the middle.

Judi and Jim Ruimerman hosted.

They are living in Baton Rouge, so they were

familiar with all the places to see.



150 Terrace Avenue

Wow...who knew????

This was a very interesting tour.  Our guide was Nancy Broussard.

Nancy used to work for a TV station in Lafayette.

The LSU Center does research dedicated to coastal restoration and river management.

Nancy explained the different land formations
during the last eons. 
This project is dedicated to Louisiana's 20 coastal parishes.

As you can tell by this picture, this place is a Louisiana treasure..
and Nancy was part of the treasure.  Vannie said she was very knowledgeable 
about the various exhibits and loved sharing with all the Airstreamers.

Map showing new land growth...or lack there of.

More exhibits

Dave really wanted to take a spin in this air boat.
Some of the group had taken air boat tours before.
Dave said it was on his bucket list the next time 
he was in Louisiana.

The Lower Mississippi River Physical Model
The model is 10,000 square feet and features the 
the Mississippi River Delta covering southeast Louisiana.
Vannie said that when you walk into this room your breathe is taken away
from the enormous size of this model. 
According to Dave, it was pretty much like a gigantic laptop.
Information can be downloaded and manipulated while studying
these coastal problems. 

Coastal Protection and Restoration Authority


Vannie's plate
Fried Catfish with Crawfish Etouffee topping

Dave's plate
Seafood Platter
Seafood gumbo, Fried Catfish, Crawfish etouffee, Fried Shrimp,
Crab Ball, Hushpuppy

New Airstream Friends
Larry and Marilyn
from Lafayette

Judi Ruimerman 
Diana Hobbs and Charlie Davis


The Capitol Building
900 North 3rd Street
Tallest state capitol in the United States
450 feet tall
Constructed out of Alabama limestone
Observation deck and gift shop in the 27th floor
To get to the front doors, you must climb a huge staircase with one step for each of the 48 states, listed in order of their admittance to the Union.
(Alaska and Hawaii were added to the last step when they were admitted.)
The building is topped with a 23 foot tall lantern 
It took 2,500 rail cars to transport the limestone and marble in the construction of the building.
Louisiana's 40th governor, Huey Long, was instrumental in getting it built in 1930-31
Cost...$5 million
Long claimed that only St. Peter's Cathedral in Rome
compared to the Louisiana Capitol Building.
On September 8, 1935 Huey Long was assassinated in this building by Dr. Carl Weiss.
There are still bullet-holes outside the governor's office.

...and many stories abound as to what exactly happened on that day so many years ago.

Vannie and Dave have visited this capitol building many many times
when Vannie's mom (Madge) was a housemother at LSU...1970-80.
V and D's kids (Ashley and Emilie) loved riding the elevator up
to the gift shop where there was a plethora of wonderful souvenirs.
Pencils, pencil sharpeners, pens, small pocket knives, banners, 
miniature capitol buildings, and, of course, the ever popular 
machine that will flatten your penny with an embossed capitol building on it...

...and to V and D's amazment so many of those wonderful souvenirs were still there...
even the amazing penny machine.
The gift shop had spiffed up somewhat.  There were really nice t-shirts and socks
and pretty jewelry with the state of Louisiana front and center.

From the observation deck
A view of Baton Rouge and The Mighty Mississippi River

Another view from the observation deck
Capitol Gardens 
In the center Huey Long is buried.
His grave is marked with a 12-foot tall bronze statue of Long.

It was a great rally, even though we did have some rainy messy weather.
Thank you, Jim and Judi...

After the rally, we spent the night with our cousin, Emmilee Green,
in Harrisonburg, LA...
Great visit
(V and D forgot to take one picture...ugh)

Then on for a quick visit in Bernice, LA.
There I am on Vannie and Dave's property.
They hired a guy to clear a spot and create a nice little driveway
and a fence in front with a gate.
Oak Bend Estates

Always nice to have a close-up!!!

The sunset was beautiful!!!

OK, was cold.
There is water on V & D's property...
BUT...NO electricity!!!
It was cold!!!
Dave read about heating up a clay flower pot on the gas burner.
Well, darn if it didn't help a lot. was still cold!!!

Did I mention that "IT WAS COLD"!
This was what Vannie slept in. BRRRR

The second night we were there, Dave's hot water bottles were delivered.
Those hot water bottles saved the day.
Vannie said they were her new best friends.

Note to self...when camping in the winter with no electricity,
always pack a clay flower pot and a hot water bottle.

Happy New Year

Wednesday, January 18, 2023



Gypsy Rhapsody

(a 1977 Airstream that's feeling high and dry)

I have some great news!!!

Vannie and Dave bought a villa

at the Airstream park in Hillsboro, TX

(aka NTAC...North Texas Airstream Community).

There is a covered place for MinnieG and I to park,

so we will be high and dry.  I'll have the big space on the left,

and MinnieG will have the smaller space 

in front.  We are already loving it.

V and D have been busy decorating and enjoying having a wee bit more room.

...And then Christmas came along,


let me fill you in on the villa first.

We are going to name her

Chateau La Fayette...

in honor of Vannie and Dave's roots in Louisiana.

Our friends Dorothy & Dan Jowers found this treasure for us.
It fits perfectly above our stove.

This is a before shot...

...After shot...
V and D are constantly moving and rearranging.
In a few months the place could look totally different.

...grouping over the theater recliners...
Special pieces...
Wooden shelf from friend, Patty Black, clock already in villa (Dave repaired), round plate from Italy, walking stick from Northern Ireland, art work by Mark Bercier (New Orleans, LA), Vergie Banks (Lafayette, LA), Cooper Harris (Lafayette, LA) and Dennis Paul Williams (St. Martinville, LA)


1st thing cooked
Vannie's Mom's Mexican Fudge 



Dave's Piano Studio

Vannie's Art Studio

Great place to watch sunset

Ash, Em and kids all came in one weekend to check out the villa.
Vannie and Dave were singing in the Christmas cantata at church.
...and everyone was there...

It was Emilie's birthday, so Maddie got busy and decorated the cake.
...just like her grandmother Madge would have done...




Nutin' like those grandkids

Looks like Maddie is saying...
"Mom, what in the heck is that?"
A pink whale neck messager...everyone needs one!

Maddie and Vincent with their dad, Roy.
Money...always a winner!

The ultimate gingerbread "house"...

Messy, but lots of fun!

Too much fun and excitement for Dave
He needed a little snooze therapy. 


The Whole Crew

3 Blessings
Prince #1...Cooper
The Princess...Maddie
Prince #2...Vincent

The ones that gave V and D those 3 blessings...
Ashley, Diane and Emilie

Can't believe Cooper is graduating from high school this year.

Diane has been working on this incredible creation for months.
She finished it New Year's Eve...
1000  origami cranes
Beautiful and Memurizing 

Emilie had rented a B & B 2 doors down from Ashley's house.
V and D stayed with them while they were in town.
Nice to be all together!

Holiday Puzzle #1

New Year's Eve fireworks
Emilie and Diane

Maddie and Vincent
Who is having the most fun?  Grownups or Kids?

University Women's Basketball Game at the Cajun Dome
A surprise exciting activity

Can you tell Maddie got some make-up for Christmas?
Vannie said she does a great job applying it...
better than Vannie, for sure.

Farmer's Market in Moncus Park.
Those snowcones were out-of-this-world.
Check out the size!!!

Holiday Puzzle #2
Bob the cat is loving it.


Charlie lives in Washington, D.C.
with his mommy and daddy
(Martina and Chason Smith)
Vannie taught Charlie's mommy, Martina Mills Smith,
his auntie, Jennifer Mills, and his uncle, David Mills...
all in the Gifted program at Broadmoor Elementary in Lafayette.
Charlie will still your heart in an heartbeat!!!


A good ole Lafayette breakfast...
biscuits, eggs, boudin, chicken, fries, strawberries, coffee

Rouse's Grocery Store's
Berry Gentilly Cake
for Howard Mott's birthday
(Howard is one of V and D's Airstream Buddies)

A Boudini creation from Scratch Farm Kitchen
with  friend, David Forchere 
...biscuit, farm egg, boudini patty, cheese, chimichurri, kimchi, Russian dressing

Chef Timmy Credeur's Oyster and Tasso pasta...
Too die for

Pecan Pie from Farmer's Market in Moncus Park
Served at Kitty & Timmy's house

Cane River Pecan Company Pie Bar
New Iberia, LA
V and D with Sarah Bourque...
Ham & Cheese Sandwich, Pecan Pie, Coffee, Tea
and Coconut Crème Pie 

...and then there's these yummy's Vannie didn't take pics of...

Rouse's Shrimp Pie with Miss Becky
Diane Harris' famous chicken and sausage gumbo
Deano's half Meat Lover's and Very Veggie Pizza (3 times in 3 weeks)
Piccadilly's Liver and Onions with Gordon & Jan
Happy Hour's at Lyn's...Ann S.
Hamburger's at the Vincent with Chris & Hal Butts
Tea with Lois...Ann D.
Fabulous Salad with G.I.F.T.S.
Roslyn's & Sarah's spaghetti & meat balls
Jan's pumpkin bread

Vannie is starting to wonder if she can get into her jeans...
She did pack 2 or 3 pairs of leggings...thank goodness.

V and D say it is all worth it...every pound!!!


Is it REALLY???


Wasn't it 2020 just yesterday?  All the computers were supposed to crash.

(A Good Read Recommend from Vannie..."Project Hail Mary" by Andrew Weir)

Love You All!!!!