Monday, June 25, 2012


Check this out!  I'm lookin' mighty fine in this picture.  This was taken at an RV Campsite in Houston.  Sassy and Sweet!  Blue sky and Palm trees.."and the livin' is easy!"

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Bumpers, Babies, and Bunches More

Bumpers…Babies…and Bunches more

OMG…so much has happened since I last wrote.  I’ll just have to list a few.

1.        Bumpers…Well, Vannie had just filled up the truck with gas.  I had been

chugging along behind my friend for miles on I-10 heading to Houston.

 Everything was hunky-dory…

then after filling up Vannie begins to  make a 180 degree turn and my bumper

catches on one of those concrete things that protect  the pumps.  Vannie and

Dave didn’t seem to notice this catastrophe.  I was hollering as loud as I could

muster, but nobody was listening.  They must have had their radio up to the

limits.  You guessed it…my bumper was ripped off.  I do have to say I was thankful

for those concrete things, because, otherwise, there would have been a huge

mushroom cloud risen from I-10…and I would have been in  ashes.  When V and D

stopped to go into the gas station/restaurant to eat, that’s when they noticed

the damage.  Dave is just so handy and has all the right tools.  He jumped into

action and had my bumper screwed back on before you could say “Jack

Robinson”.  There was also a little scrape on my back left hip…had a little of the

yellow paint on me from the concrete thing.  When we stopped in Houston to stay

overnight, Dave just took a Brillo pad and cleaned up that yellow paint. 

2.        Babies…After staying in Houston overnight, we all headed on to Austin.  Getting

through Houston was quiet an experience.  Big trucks, cars, and buses were speeding

by me on my left and right.  I just closed my eyes and prayed…and the Good Lord

got us through. V and D’s daughter,  Emilie, had called in the meantime and told them

that her water had broken and her doctor was putting her in the hospital. I could tell

they were a little worried…so they just hurried up a little more.  I was just trying to keep

up…and I did a dang good job, too.   The Lone Star RV Resort is going to my new home

for the summer.  It is really nice…pool and playground for the kids.  I dream about jumping

in a pool.  My silver skin can get pretty hot.  A little cooling off would be nice.  Oh well,

guess I just have to do that in my next life.

OK…Babies…Well, I should say just baby…there is only one.  Madeline Veda

Salvagio was born on June 2.  She was named after her 2 grandmothers.  She came a little

early so she is having to stay in the NICQ for a month or so.  Vannie said that she was

adorable.  I can hardly wait to meet her and have her sleepover in me.  I just love kids

and they seem to get a kick out of me, too.

3.        Bunches more…Vannie and Dave have been helping Emilie and Roy wherever they are

needed…and one of the areas of need is Vincent.  He is three.  He and I have become

best buds.  He plays outside beside me with his trains and monster trucks.  I just love

watching him.  He is a cutie pie.

Oh…something else pretty special…Dave got to go to an Airstream seminar in Aberquerque,NM

for 3 days.  He learned all about how to fix my stuff, polish my silver skin, and much more.

I can’t wait till he can start sprucing me up even more than he already has.

I know there is more to be said, but I’m tired of thinking…Dave, Vannie, and I are just so

excited to finally be on our journey…into the wild blue yonder…over the mountain tops,

through the rivers (well, maybe not through, but that word sounds good), into the woods,

under the cottonwood trees, down the trails, and on and on and on.