Saturday, March 30, 2013


Cutest Bunnies Ever!
A pair of pink pants makes a great hat in a pinch
Luvin' Gypsy
This girl gets around!
Wait!!! Somebody get her!
Well, she did not fall out the door.  She did not get a carton of milk dropped on her.  She didn't get stepped on...but I thought for sure all of those things were going to happen.  Emilie, Vincent, and Madeline came for a visit to my Hillsboro spot Thursday night.  They slept over and headed back to Austin Friday after lunch.  Emilie wanted to check out where Vannie and Dave had bought property.  Was this place for real?  Was it a bunch of pot smoking hippies? Was it a commune where everyone let their hair grow, and everyone was always saying "Peace, Brother?"  She found out it was none of those things.  It's just a regular gated community where everyone owns an Airstream.  That makes it very special and unique.

OK...back to Madeline. She was all over the place.  Emilie could hardly hold her down to change her diaper. 
Vincent loved seeing his new sandbox T-Pop put together for him.....and the girls got to do some shopping at the outlet mall just up the street.
And I was happy as a "dead pig in the sunshine" (Madge saying)!
And all of this is just two hours north of Austin!

Happy Easter Everyone!
"He is risen!"

Wednesday, March 27, 2013


North Texas Airstream Community
Hillsboro, TX
It's a gated community.
A Home!!! I've arrived!
This is my special lot.  It has gravel on it.  Some have grass, but V and D
decided on the gravel, because there will be no upkeep.
Dave is hooking me up.  I am going to be staying here for a couple of
weeks while D and V go to their timeshare in Red River, NM.
This is one of the streets in my new home.  The medal buildings are
built on some of the lots.  They are like condos.  There is a covered area
for their Airstream.
Two of my new friends.
This is one of my new friends that lives "under cover."

Homeless No More!!  That's right folks.  I have a permanent home...not that I am going to there much for the next several years, but when I do need to lay low for several days or weeks or months...I've got a place.  Vannie and Dave have been looking at this area since last Thanksgiving.  It is a gated retirement community.  There are certain regulations that are in place. 
1.  Everyone has to own an Airstream.
2.  Everyone has to be at least 45 years old.  V and D barely passed this one...yeah, right!
3.  Everyone has to be a member in good standing to WBCCI (Wally Byam Caravan Club International)
NTAC has a variety of options.  Available options include... lots only, villas on a lot (These are metal or two stories...that are like condos), regular brick homes on a lot.  All have accommodations for an Airstream.
We just have the lot right now, but who knows what the future will bring.
It just feels awesome...a real place that I can call my home!
And the good news is that it is....
...1 hour from Dallas, TX
...2 hours from Austin, TX
...4 hours from Houston, TX
...6 hours from Bernice/Farmerville, LA
...7 hours from Lafayette, LA
...12 hours from Red River, NM
(some of V and D's fave places)


Sunday, March 10, 2013


Region 9 Airstream Rally...Robstown, TX
Near Corpus Christi
Dave and his new toy...A kit to wash me without water...I was luvin'
the rubbin' and scrubbin'...Feel like I've been to the spa!
Bean Bag Baseball...Vannie's team made it to second place by the skin of their teeth.
Vannie blew the art show away.  1st, 2nd, 3rd...Acrylic and 1st, 2nd, 3rd...Watercolor!
I did get a big laugh when she told me that she was the only entry in both categories!  Now
that's the way to get some ribbons!
Took a side trip to see the Texas coast...Padre Island
Vannie was so excited about the Pet Show.  She didn't have a pet, but
watching everyone elses was fun.  Of course, if her grandson, Cooper, had been around,
she could have dressed him up as a dog.  She's done it before. LOL
Another side trip...Kings Ranch...a bunch of land, cows, horses, cowboys!
The Alley Cats...Vannie said these dudes were HOT!  Lots of 50's and 60's music!
Chris Rybak...D and V were dancin' fools with this guy.  Felt like they were
at Mulates in Breaux Bridge.
The last day was denim and bling day...Vannie pulled it off ...for sure!
What a week! The Region 9 Airstream Rally was a blast!  I was in hog heaven visitin' with all the other Airstreams while V and D did their thing.  There was maybe one more Airstream as old as me, so we did some serious storytelling in the lot.  The newer Airstreams enjoyed hearing about the olden days.  LOL
V and D made so many new friends.  A big thank you to all the people who made this happen!
The Region 9 Officers and Committees
Texas Highland Lake Unit...we are associate members
...and all the other units that attended

Wednesday, March 6, 2013


Our Cookie-stuffed Brownie Recipe...
First you start with these type can use Oreo's, but we tried those and it was just too much chocolate.  You can actually use any type cookie, I guess!

Next...spread peanut butter on top of one of the cookies and stack another one on top. then in a cupcake liner inside your muffin pan.

Then...mix up a bag of brownie mix...just like the package directions.

 Then put 2 heaping teaspoons on each cookie stack..

Bake at 350 degrees for about 15 - 20 minutes.  My oven cooks them in 12 minutes, but it is a convection.  Delicious!

Well, we are on the road the again.  Feels good going down the road with the breeze skimming over my shiny silver body.  We are attending the Region 9 Airstream Rally in Robstown, TX.  I can just hear you now....Robstown?...where in the heck is that? is a suburb of Corpus Christi.  All the Airstreams (about 100) are parked on the Borchard Fairgrounds.  We departed Austin last Sunday and stayed overnight at the Choke Canyon State Park, and then caravaned on in to Robstown.  V and D are members of the Acadiana Airstream Club, but they are associate members of the Highland Park Club in Austin.
We are all having so much.  Just had to share mine and Vannie's cooking experience.  Vannie saw this idea in a magazine and just had to try it.  It was a huge hit at our first potluck.