Wednesday, October 24, 2018


Gypsy Rhapsody
(a 1977 Airstream that knows how it's done)

Yep, Folks, this is not my first rodeo.
I know how it's done, and I'm always ready
to do it.  "It" being moving from one spot
to the next...and enjoying every minute of every mile.

We said bye, bye to our "sweet spot" in
Gloria Gonzales' RV
in Questa, NM.
 See ya next summer, Gloria.

Vannie and Dave pointed me in the direction of Rio Rancho, NM
where they gathered with friends...Judy, Helen, Loretta, and Carmen.

V and D always love having a sleepover with Loretta
(friend from Lafayette now living in NM) and Rudy (dog)...
and watching DWTS. 
They LOVE watching it with
both of them...especially when an Airstream shows up.

Bottomless Lake State Park near Roswell, NM
Always a fun and interesting place to stop for an overnight-er.
Check out this pic showing a relative of mine parked close by.
Guess the Airstream Gods were hovering over Roswell...
or some such nonsense.  LOL

The Wetlands NM
Who'd thunk it?
This was a new addition since our last visit to
this state park.

Vannie and Dave could hardly wait to explore the trail.

Almost felt like Louisiana...

except no alligators...
This little bird was enjoying itself so much.

According to this plague, it is an American avocet.
It is related to the egret and heron...only with shorter legs.
 They are both referred to as shorebirds and/or wading birds.

Pass the salt, please. 
These grasses along the path have
adapted to the salt.  These plants are called "halophytes."
They can tolerate...or even rely on...salt in the soil.
Another phenomenon...salty areas in NM...
Who'd thunk it???

Special Sunflowers that are "halophytes".
The Pecos Sunflower...

Ahhhh...back among my people...and my daughter, Minnie G.
Hillsboro, Texas
North Texas Airstream Community

Greeted with a beautiful sunset over Walmart...
Yes, even sunsets can make Walmart look great.!!!

...and gorgeous crepe myrtle trees.

Vannie and Dave could hardly wait to get to Austin
to see the grandkids...Maddie and Vincent.
Maddie started off the visit with a style show...
first she dressed like a pig and tried to look like a pig.

...then a little glamour queen...

...her best friend, Audra, got in on the fun.
Roll out the red carpet.!!!!

Play Ball...
Vincent stepped up on the pitcher's mound.
This was his first game to pitch.
Vannie and Dave are still talking about it.
So proud.!!!

The kids came home with V and D.
Maddie loves the "rainbow bridge" at NTAC.
She was pretending it was the Billy Goat's Gruff's bridge.

Vincent hanging out in "Me" waiting for breakfast.

Maddie ready to dig in.

Whitney's Pioneer Days Fair...
Whitney, TX
It was hot, but Vincent and Maddie didn't seem to care. 
Vannie thought those burlap bags looked kind of scratchy.

Swinging Free...

Hillsboro City Park

Hello, Folks

Waco Zoo
A 2 hour stop on the way back to Austin
Dave said that the Waco Zoo is one of the best in the area.

Vannie said, "Never too old to enjoy the elephants."

Back in Austin and Vincent enjoying
backyard baseball...mud and all...

Maddie and Audra inside doing paint projects...

Just have to love those hand-prints on the backdoor glass.

New Mexico...check
Loretta and Rudy...check
Bottomless Lake...check
Austin kids...check
Back in Hillsboro...check... that Dave on a ladder...
Caught in the act...busted.!!!
I told him..."Don't do it, Dave...Vannie is not going to like it.
She said NO LADDERS unless I am around."

Well, to make a long story short...
She didn't kill him.!!!!

So...moving right along...
Airstream Rally in Brownwood, TX
Can't wait...Actually, I think MinnieG is handling this one.

Enjoy V and D and MinnieG