Friday, July 8, 2022

 THE 4TH OF JULY...2023


Gypsy Rhapsody

(a 1977 Airstream that loves America)

The Red River, NM 4th of July parade

was greeted with beautiful blue skies

and cool temps.  With COVID out of the way (mostly),

the parade was back to its old self.

Lots of entries, happy people, candy galore...

Vannie's decked out in her red, white, and blue,
ready for the festivities to begin.

Her compadres were sittin' and eatin'.
Dave, Dorothy and Dan Jowers

T-Buck's is the place to get these yummy apple fritters.


The firetrucks led the parade.
There were several from surrounding areas.

...then came this monster of a truck...

Weezie's Wild Rides had a fun float.
They are all excited the forest is open...
the rains are happening...
and folks are back to "wild riding" with Weezie.

Concerned Women
We have a lot to be concerned about.

Uncle Sam was ready for whatever came up.

Not sure about this one...
I think these ladies were trying to 
find more stuff to throw...
"Where's the candy, Ethel.?"
Or maybe they were just "concerned"...

The Queen
The Princesses
These beautiful ladies were from Taos.
They were representing a big weekend festival coming up soon.

Vannie said she wasn't sure what/who this one represented.

King Rex
Is this guy from Louisiana?

Always nice to have a school bus in the parade...
Dave said he didn't remember one being in it before.
This was a group of kids from a Young Camp.

...and then the motorcyles...

The truck actually had a movie showing on it's side...
I wonder if I could do this on my side.
Hmmm...probably not...since I'm curved.


Almost to the end of the parade...
for obviously reasons...

Beautiful horses
Pretty Ladies

You can always count on Capo's Restaurant
for a good time.
Great Food
Great Service
...and a Great 4th Parade Float

The Red River Red Bus
bringing up the rear...
Thank you Red Bus...
You do a great job carting people around...
and for FREE.

Vannie and Dave ended their 4th festivities by watching
the Capitol 4th on the tellie.
Lots of good music
Lots of Patriotism
Lots of smiles for the camera
Lots of Red, White, and Blue

Hope your 4th was an upper!
Ours sure was!


Thursday, June 16, 2022



Gypsy Rhapsody

(a 1977 Airstream that has a birthday day in July)

I know...

I know...

Some of you are saying..."a day"...

I celebrate for a week or a month.

Vannie is good with just a day...but a very special day...


The official birthday day started with a 
chocolate croissant and a cup of coffee
at one of Vannie and Dave's fave restaurants in Tao...
Excellent food and service! 

...on to the Taos Art Museum
located in the Nicolai Fechin House.
Nicolai was a Russian artist.
The house is a piece of art work, itself.
So many nooks and crannies to explore...
 Artist, Doel Reed (1894-1985), works
were on display.  Reed was a landscape artist,
as well as a printmaker.  He won many awards
during his lifetime. He was living in Taos
at the time of his death.

Doel Reed, Artist

Of course, Dave loved this room.
That big baby grand piano was calling his name.
He was itchin' to sit down and tickle those ivories. 

The Fechin's daughter's playroom...
Located on the second floor...
Loved the windows all around...
Much of the furniture and woodwork were
hand-carved by Nicolai Fechin.

One of those weird bathroom shots...

Adjacent to the house is the 
gift shop and Nicolai's studio.
The gift shop has a wonderful
variety of a little bit of everything.
Max Jones, a local artist and gallery owner,
was exhibiting his delightful creations in the studio.
What a great space to have an exhibit!!!

Vannie was lovin' Max's fun and quirky portraits.
She almost could see some of these people
walking down the streets of Bernice, LA (her hometown)
back in the 50's and 60's.

Dave was enjoying Max's abstract works.
Relaxing and calming...just the thing on a hot summer day

The grounds of the Fechin were

Those iris' were spectacular.

...on to the Taos plaza...
Shops, restaurants, and more

The plaza was full of ventors...Farmer's Market Day.

Right around the corner from the plaza, are the
John Dunn Shops.
Music, Food, Shopping

The flowers absolutely LOVE this area.
They knock themselves out blooming!

...another beautiful iris...

...more peonies...

Taos is so blooming beautiful...
Keeping these plants healthy requires a bunch of work.
They do a wonderful job...

One of the shops in the John Dunn area is a recycle shop.
Vannie fell in love with this "love" piece made from bottle caps.
Dave said..."oh, know, now we are going to have to pick up
every bottle cap we see lying on the ground."

...a quick stop by Jones/Walker Gallery...
V and D wanted to make sure they
complimented Max on his show at the Fechin.
Don't miss this gallery if you are in Taos.
It is almost a museum.  

Ranchos Plaza Grill
Outside seating enjoying the NM sky

How about fajitas...
The birthday girl is happy.

After lunch, V and D walked around the plaza and
enjoyed seeing the San Francisco de Asisi Church...AGAIN.
They never tire of gazing upon this beautiful work of so many parishioners.


church alter
The paintings on the alter are said to be
oil paintings brought to the church courtesy of the 
Archdiocese in Mexico by way of Spain,
almost 200 years ago.

A sign on the side of the church
welcoming visitors...

The Official Birthday Day
...and what better way to end it than indulging in "CHOCOLATE".
The Chocolate Cafe is a chocolate lovers dream.
Vannie..."It's my birthday.  I'll have one of each."

Sunday, May 29, 2022



Gypsy Rhapsody

(a 1977 Airstream that "gets into" being on the road)

A new spot!!!

Santa Rosa Lake State Park

Santa Rosa, NM

Electricity, but no water!

Lots of twists and turns to get to our

designated spot, but well worth it. 

As you can NM sky and cotton puff clouds

We did hit some unusual weather on the way to Santa Rosa.
Dark skies...


...and snow...
Yes, you read that right...snow.

But once all of that was behind us...
Vannie and Dave couldn't wait to hit the trails.

The trails were well marked.
As you can see, Vannie had her jacket on.
Just a bit chilly.
You can see the lake in this picture.
The camp host said the water was very low.
All of NM is in much need of rain...and lots of it.

V and D felt like they were in a nature museum.
An abstract "painting"

Human "art" heart

Ocotillos were everywhere.
Natural sculptures

A couple of dead branches
A triangular rock
On the trail...

Heading out of Santa Rosa Lake State Park...
V and D said we are definitely coming back.

Stopped for gas ($4.69) near Camel Rock, NM
Hwy. 285 north of Santa Fe
Natural landmark
Pink Sandstone
40 feet high and 100 feet long

We headed on down the road.
Pulled in at the San Francisco de Asis Catholic Mission Church
Ranchos de Taos, NM
It's one of the most photographed churches in the world....
thanks to Georgia O'Keeffe and Ansel Adams.
Together they memorialized this church for all to enjoy.
It has been an active church since the 1700's.

Almost to Questa, NM
Our home away from home for about 4 months.
Love the snow on the mountains.

Memorial Day Weekend
Vannie and Dave work part-time at the Caribel
in Red River, NM (10 miles up the mountain from Questa)
There is a huge motorcycle rally happening right now.
This is a Batman Bike.

It really caught Vannie's eye.

From every angle...

Bikers love to bike...
but they also love to fish.
The Caribel is the perfect spot in Red River to do just that.

Vannie took this from the backside of the Caribel.
You can see the playground, the condo, the mountains,
and that beautiful NM sky.

No smoke...Hooray!

Ready for the summer to begin!!!