Sunday, June 12, 2016


Gypsy Rhapsody
(an old Airstream with lots of miles left on her)

This is it...The Harris Compound in Questa, NM
There's me with my awning the right is the screen room with the 
Festival International flag from Lafayette, LA...and in the back is Vannie and Dave's tent,
which they are using as a exercise/music room.  
The yoga mats are out, and Dave has his keyboard set up.

I think I might have posted a picture like this last year.
It is just so magical I had to post another one.
Right behind where we are parked in Gonzales RV,
at around 5:30 in the afternoon, the mountain glows.
It doesn't happen everyday, but when it does, we feel like
God is shining down on us.  It is just so beautiful.

Vannie and Dave work part time at the Caribel Condos in Red River,
about 10 miles up the mountain from Questa.
They do all kinds of jobs.  Dave has  become an expert in the laundry.
Vannie works in housekeeping and the office.

The first part of June is also planting time
at the Caribel.

There are 11 barrels around the grounds.
Dave said his back really spoke to him after all that digging.

Who is that guy?
Scotty Rosato...a new friend from Lafayette that just
bought a condo at the Caribel.  Scotty treated V and D
to a birthday dinner at Capo's, an Italian Restaurant in RR.

The bosses at the Caribel also treated Vannie.
Barry and Angelique brought out the ice cream and cake
on June 4th...Vannie's special day.

Still celebrating...
More Lafayette friends...Keith and Gia Domingue.
Gia is V and D's friend, Gordon Bilello's sister.

The Caribel has a fishing pond full of rainbow trout.
This man is responsible for making sure that there
is always plenty of trout in the pond for summertime fishing.

It's a big deal when the fish man comes.
The fishermen can hardly wait to get their poles in the water.
V said the rules is "you have to wait an hour after the fish are deposited."
It is really hard to wait that long after seeing all those wonderful trout swimming in the pond.

This past weekend was the Red River Car Show.

Every car was spic and span.

Shining like the top of the Chrysler Building

A Camel in Taos
Where is that, Dave?
Oh, I fave restaurant...El Camel.
A Mediterranean restaurant behind the square.

Vannie said the bac la va was to die for. 

Wow...this could be a puzzle.
Looking out from one of the balconies at the Caribel...

Memorial Day Weekend
OH...just around 20,000 bikers in town...that's all.

Who's this cute little thing?
My's an old Argosy motor home.
V and D said it needs lots of work, but is adorable.
It's parked on a side street in Red River.
Dave said he might have to knock on some doors
 and find out who the owns this jewel.

Deer are everywhere.
This one looks like he would really like to ride on the ski lift.

This is an adorable place in Questa...V said she loves the blue bottles on the fence.

The iris' love this time of hear in the mountains.
Vannie took this shot on a morning walk.

...and look at these yellow ones...

On the way back from her walk, 
these poppies were blowing in the breeze.
I know Vannie is feeling an art project coming on.

We have only been here 2 weeks,
but we have settled in and are feeling the love
of the mountains, the cool air, and the people.

Thursday, June 2, 2016


Gypsy Rhapsody
(a 1977 Airstream telling tall tales about her adventures with her folks, Vannie and Dave)

My mama always said to me when when I was just a young'un, "Gypsy, when you have the chance...go west.  There's a heap a good livin' out in those wide open spaces."

Soooo, headed out, I did.  I brought along my sidekicks, Vannie and Dave.  They know a bunch of stuff about the west.  They've been following the trails out in them parts for quite a spell.  I trust'um.  A few years back they told me tales about going into a canyon infested with rattlesnakes, swimming across a dangerous river, harrowingly escaping a renegade band of hostile Indians, and enduring heart-pounding shootouts.  They are just good folks to have along when you are heading west. 
 And they always tell the truth.

Our first encounter with a terrifying ambush was in Houston, TX.  My goodness gracious, those cowpokes were coming at us from all sides.  We were dodging folks on our right and on our left.  Dave had an eye doctor's appointment, so we couldn't just find a trail around the city...had to go straight through.  After hearing the good news on Dave's eye, we escaped the ambush and headed northwest to Austin, TX.

As coincidence would have it, we had a great place to park right next to the old Salvagio homestead.

We were serenaded with dancing and singing. 
 Maddie is a prodigy on the harmonica, and Vincent can entertain us for hours with car races.

Cowboys with big feet always get the job done...

...and some Cowgirls know how to charm the rattles off of a rattlesnake.

Had to saddle up early the next. morning.  Vincent and Maddie were looking a little gloomy, but we had to head out before all the cowpokes in Austin started gathering on the streets.  
Too much folks around make heading west too hard.

Rode through some mighty hilly country before stopping in Valley Spring, TX.  
Not much folks around these parts.

Two little bitty holes-in-the-road, Whistleville and Bugscuffle, combined to form Valley Spring.
Important fact...James Smathers was born here.  He invented the electric typewriter.

We wondered through western territories barely avoiding a bunch of mean, ugly rustlers.
But when we arrived at the Tres Amigos (3 Friends), 
we knew things were getting better...for a while, at least.  
Bunch of great folks, clean outhouses, and good vittles.

Tumbleweeds were covering the trails, rain was blinding our eyes, but when we arrived in Odessa, TX at the cabin of Dan and Dot Jowers, we felt at peace...
especially when we saw the big black mustache on the icebox.  
"Some good cowpokes must live here," Dave said.

Then Vannie noticed that varmint.  He was big and black and hairy.  
Dan and Dot said not to worry.  He was harmless, and they were right.  
His name is Dugas, and he only barks when he hears gunfights in the OK Corral around the corner
 or when the rustlers across the street start kickin' up too much dust.  
Good guy to have around.

Late that evening as we were sittin' around the campfire,  
Dan treated us to some creme Brulee.  
Mighty tasty...

Next morning we hitched up the wagon and continued our westward journey.  
Seminole, TX has a big old clock at the corner of the street.  
I think the local folks probably would prefer to use smoke signals, 
but I guess modern conveniences have taken over.

Gosh darn...looks like I am at the top of a Mayan temple. 
 I have read stories about those guys.  
Not a friendly bunch.  
I was as nervous as a long-tailed cat in a room full of rocking chairs.

All goes well until Vannie spots a pack of dangerous wolves on the horizon...or was it coyotes.  
We didn't wait around to discover who or what the angry visitors were.  
We hightailed it down the road lickety split.  
Those varmints were eatin' our dust.  

We just missed the bank robbers at the old Muleshoe Bank.  
They were packin' pistols and holdin' hostages.  
Probably Jesse James and his band of outlaws.  

In fact, the old Santa Fe engine blocked the exit of Jesse James and his gang, 
and we assisted the sheriff and his posse in arresting the bank robbers.
Whew, what a day.!!!

We were delighted to head on down the trail enjoying blue skies and 
white clouds and some peace and quiet.

Texico, NM...pit stop
Out of Texas...finally.
That place is some big.

Following the trail, we rode into a small desert town.
It was suspiciously empty, devoid of any life and activity.

As we moseyed through town, we could almost hear the sounds of long ago, and could almost see the people that once lived there.  
 V and D said, "Come on Gypsy, let's get the hell out of Dodge. 
This place gives us the creeps."

Route 66
We were traveling the Mother of all Trails.

Rambling Rose RV Park
Roses were rambling all over the place.
Kind of dusty and not much folks around, and the train tracks were close by,
but we slept like babies.

Word had spread about our adventures.  
The town sheriff met up with us at Cline's Corner, NM and awarded us with an honorary badge.
  We were some happy folks.

Vannie said, "Come on, Old Girl, not much further." 

The West has been Won.
We arrived to our destination.
Our special spot...
Our home away from home for the next 4 months.
Gonzales RV in Questa, NM

You know, life don't git much better'n this.!!!

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