Thursday, January 24, 2013


Just had to stop at Buc-ee's on the our way to Austin.  There is a new one in Bastrop, TX.
I just love that place.  They have plenty of room in the parking lot for me.  And when V and D come out, they are always so happy...they can't stop talking about the bathrooms and the friendly staff.

Early in the morning at the Lone Star RV Campground.  Dave and Vannie are locking me up and heading to their "nanny job".

When Vannie showed me the rest of these pictures, I almost boo-hooed.  Miss M is just so beautiful.
Loves to look at her hands....

V and D are showing her where we will be traveling next.

She loves to look at herself in the mirror...what's not to love.

Vannie's starting her

T-Pop is having fun!

Time for a bottle.

Miss M is an art lover already...especially when it is by her Uncle Ashley.

What girl doesn't love a little spa time!

And dressing up is such a girl thing....

Another outfit...

...all bundled up for a stroller ride

Watch out reality TV.  We is "the nannies".  That's right.  V and D's daughter, Emilie, needed a nanny for a month or here we are.  Three for the price of one.  Can't get much better than that!  I know...I are saying, " Gypsy, how can you be a nanny?"  Well, I can.  Right now I'm just keeping the home fires burning while Vannie and Dave go to Emilie's everyday to keep Madeline.  But I also know that sooner or later Madeline and Vincent will be coming to see me...and that's when I will go into action.  Let's face it...I'm cool...shiny...sweet...compact...mature...lovable!  There is probably more adjectives to describe me, but I just don't have time to think of them.

We have finished our first week in Austin as nannies, and we are lovin' it.  As you can see by the pictures, baby Madeline is adorable.  She just plays, eats, poops, pees, sleeps.  That's her job, and our job is to make sure she is happy while she is doing her job. 

Sunday, January 20, 2013

Bernice Memories

Bernice Depot Museum and Red Caboose
V and D said that there used to be a train that ran through Bernice. The tracks are long gone now.

The Clubhouse...many parties, reunions, etc. have been held here and is still in use.

First Baptist Church...V and D were married here 45 years ago.

Bernice High School...Home of the Bears
No more teams play here anymore...students are now being bused to the parish school in Farmerville.

  After the holidays and on our way back to Lafayette, Dave and Vannie took me through Bernice. Bernice is a small town in Union Parish in the northern part of Louisiana. There are many memories there that mean so much to them.  Vannie was born and raised there, and Dave lived there until he was in second grade. Then he moved to Farmerville, the parish seat.
     I loved seeing some of the places that are special to them.  They mentioned that some of their favorites are gone...Taft's Esso Station (Vannie's Dad) and  Martin's Store (Vannie's mom worked there for many years)...but not forgotten. 
    Memories...special times!

Friday, January 11, 2013

An "Air-ark" Adventure

Can you see me?  Yep, that's me on the right.  I'm on my little island.

The driveway that I came in on is under the water...That old building is on Bourque Road.

Out my front door 

All these sounds...over and over again.  I felt like I needed floaties or a swim tube.  Just something to keep me afloat.  Thank goodness, I did not need either, but it was close..I mean, too close.

One night Vannie came home after having dinner with a friend, and she could not get up the driveway.  I think she heard me shouting to her..."No, No, don't try it...too much water."  I heard Dave talking to her on the phone.  He said, "Just go spend the night with a friend."  Crazy!

This has been quite an experience...very different from dry New Mexico.  I thought I was going to start to mold.

We had some sunshine today, so we are heading to Austin tomorrow.  Probably will stop in Houston tomorrow night and on into Austin on Sunday.  I'm a little nervous about heading out.  The driveway has some really muddy spots, and, as you know, I'm not a tiny little thing.  I really don't want to get stuck in the mud. Keep your fingers crossed for me. 

Monday, January 7, 2013


Hello, everybody, I'm back.  We spend a wonderful Christmas at Lake Darbonne State Park in Farmerville, LA.  We headed to Lafayette on Dec. 28.  Vannie and Dave's Airstream friends, Marilyn and Jay Keef, offer for me to park on their property in South Lafayette.  It's a beautiful place...lots of crawfish mud houses, rice/crawfish fields, and egrets.  We were to stay here for the whole month, but things have changed.  Emilie's nanny up and quit.  It is not an easy thing to hire a nanny quickly, so we decided to offer our help.  We are heading to Austin on Thursday, Jan. 10.  It is really a wonderful thing that we are all so flexible.

OK...that kind of catches us for the resolutions.
Hug more
...especially me
Excercise more...I don't have to do much except hold V up...but it's something.
Eat more veggies...or, maybe, smell more veggies.  Gosh, I can't do either, but I know someone who can, and you really have to have this resolution every year.
Read more...I tend to go more for travel books.
Skype more... this is so much fun...seeing V and D's grandbabies is "DINOMITE".
Have friends over more..I really love to share my space.
Watch more sunrises...check out that relection in me...awesome!
...and sunsets
...and, of course, hit the road as often as possible!