Tuesday, July 10, 2012


I practiced my curtsy all morning.  Do I put my left wheel in the back and then bow, or do I put my right wheel in the back and bow.  Such technicalities when there is royalty involved.  Emilie, V and D’s daughter, was arriving after lunch with the princess, Madeline Veda Salvagio.   If you remember, Madeline was born a wee bit early on June 2 at 3 lbs. 15 ozs.  She had to stay in the hospital a few extra weeks, but got to come home on June 27....and now the big day finally arrived...she came to see me today, July 10, 2012.   She was just adorable...sleeping most of the time...she had a few cute little smiles (I think it was probably gas)...I know a little gas always makes we smile!

Anyway...it was a great first visit and I am looking forward to many more.  Good night, Sweet Princess, may flights of angels sing you to your rest...

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Gypsy and Frida

OK...I don't have a unibrow, but I know someone that does...
Frida Kahlo and her birthday was July 6.  She was a Mexican
artist that loved to paint herself...unibrow and all.  She led an
interesting life and Vannie decided to wear her Frida shirt on her
birthday.  There is always something going on around here that
surprises me.  Never boring, for sure! 

Wednesday, July 4, 2012


I know what you are saying...Gypsy on a hike...No, Vannie and Dave left me in the campsite kicking and screaming.  I really wanted to go, but they said I was too big.
They up and left in such a hurry, Vannie forgot her tennis shoes.  She had on her
flip-flops.  Not a good hiking situation. I hollered and hollered at them as they were
leaving, but they were not listening to me.  Oh well...

OK..they’re back...all sweaty and stinky...hungry as bears.  I heard them talking over
lunch and I’ll share the info with you.
Hike Location...Blunn Creek Nature Preserve, in the heart of Austin, TX
Distance...1.5 miles
Hiking time...1 hour
Great View of St. Edward’s University
Boo-Boo alert...Dave tripped and skinned his shin..not much blood
McDonald’s...could see in the distance
Wildflowers...sunflowers, little blue ones, cactus
Animals...Birds, Butterflies
Rocks...collected a few...couldn’t resist
Water...just a little in the creek
Vincent...can’t wait to take him next time
How many times got lost...3...you can see Dave looking confused in one of the pics
   (I've seen him confused more than once...don't tell him I said that)

Guess the flip-flops worked out...they were happy as 2 pigs in a mess of mud when they got back. 

Sunday, July 1, 2012


Vincent Raymond Salvagio and Cooper David Harris are first cousins.

They love each other to pieces.  When I found out that Cooper was coming

to Austin for a visit, I was ecstatic.  I think I have mentioned before about

me and kids...I luv ‘um and they luv me!  Cooper has slept in me many more

times than Vincent, so he loved filling Vincent in on all my cracks and  crevices.

T-Pop (Dave) fixed up a sand box for the cousins and even though one was 7

and the other one 3, they both enjoyed the heck out of playing in it.  ...And

I loved watching them.  The RV park where I’m residing, has a pool.  Of course,

the cousins cooled off in it.  Cooper could hardly wait to introduce Vincent to all of his favorite movies...Sound of Music, Gnomeo and Juliet, and Elf.  Vincent pretty much only

likes Thomas the Train movies and Cars, but he went along with Cooper

this time.  It was actually adorable to watch how they adapted to each other

and to me.  Cousins....can’t wait until the next visit.