Wednesday, July 26, 2017


Gypsy Rhapsody
(a 1977 Airstream lovin' those grandkids)

Maddie (5) and Vincent (8) were on top of the world
during their visit to Red River, NM.
Vannie and Dave were in Hog Heaven.
It was so much fun seeing them
having so much fun.

Vannie, Dave, Maddie, Vincent, and Emilie
spent most of their time at the Caribel Condos in RR,
but I loved it when they spent one night with me
 down the mountain in Questa.
They are just so darn sweet.

Tom Sawyer
A boy and his fishing pole.!!!

Barry, the maintenance guy at the Caribel, helped out
with the particulars of fishing...bait, hooks, bobbers, rods, casting...

"Come on, Little Fishy Fishy."

When the fish didn't bite right away,
attention spans turned to other things...

...even a tea party in the mountains...

Sometimes it was a little rainy outside,
so Play-dough came to the rescue. 
...a permanent smiley face...
Dave said he would pay good money for one of those.

Millet Park
Perfect place for a picnic...
Hot dogs, chips, donuts...

The park had a bunch of playground equipment...

...and even a sweet little creek in which to wade...

Those mountain streams are so delightfully chilly. 

The Community House in the middle of Red River
always has a bunch of activities for kids...

...the infamous Chia Pet...
Cup...panty hose...grass seeds...potting soil...googly eyes...paint

The front porch of the CH is the perfect place to relax
and have a cup of hot chocolate.

...and then there is boat-making day...
Kids of all ages gather at the CH...pick 3 pieces of wood...hammer...nails...paint...

Boats are created...
"Be careful Maddie...that paint is not washable."

T-Pop even got into the mix...
"That's enough paint, might not ever dry."

Then the boats are taken down to the river and...swish...
Which one will win the Regatta?

Go Carts
Oh, my goodness...Vannie and Maddie are in hot pursuit of...

Emilie and Vincent...
Dave said they both were declaring themselves the victors.

Pioneer Flyer

Another new adventure...
Heading to the Great Sand Dunes National Park in Colorado...

Vannie said that she promises that she did not touch up this photo at all...
Those colors are spectacular.

There they are...the Dunes are just ahead.
"Look, Maddie...Look Vincent...Can you see them?"

Slide Baby Slide

Another Creek...Medano Creek...
Perfect place to cool off after running and rolling in that hot sand...

The creek was flowing in small channels, each about 1-9 feet wide, 
and 1/2 inch to 2 inches deep.

After a big day at the Dunes,
Capo's Restaurant in Red River fit the bill.  
Pizza and Spaghetti...YUM

What in the world is this?
A White House Gingerbread House...
I think Maddie's expression says it all...

Looks like Vannie and Vincent stuck it out to the end.
Dave said it looked a little like an earthquake had happened in DC.

New Wave Rafting Company
Embudo, NM
A Perfect Rafting trip down the Rio Grande for little kids...and old kids, as well...
A few rapids, but not too many...and lunch was served on a rocky bank
half way down the river.  Vannie said it was quite a spread for lunch.
Dave said he felt like "The Rockefeller's".
A small table was set up with meats, cheeses, fresh veggies, fresh fruit, 
chips, salsa, guacamole, cookies,
and peanut butter and jelly.
Something for everyone. 

Finally an evening with "Me"...
Maddie loves drawing and painting...and so does Vannie.
Such a sweet little "Lefty"...just like her great grandmother, Madge.

So Serious...

Enjoying their IPADS while Vannie fixes breakfast...
A quite relaxing morning...
I loved it.

Vannie said that no one can leave RR without stopping by The Candy Shop.

Vincent said it was the perfect last evening at the condo.
...all sitting around the table stuffing themselves with sweets...
Everyone wanted to try each piece of fudge or candy...
each person had their favorite...
A great send-off for the Austin Kiddos...

Vannie said, "Gypsy, what do you think?"

Well, I think Red River and beyond was definitely DONE...
and in just one week.
Just looking at all these photos, I'm exhausted.!!!

Tuesday, July 4, 2017

JULY THE 4TH...2017

Gypsy Rhapsody
(a 1977 Airstream that's proud to be made in the USA)

I know you are wonderful why I am wearing a monocle eyepiece.
Dave ordered that to help with the sun coming in that window.
I really kind of like it...makes me look very distinguished. 

The 4th of July
Always a favorite
Moms and Dads and kids
Grandmas and Grandpas
Aunts and Cousins
They all come out and celebrate as one.
Homemade ice cream
Hot Dogs and Hamburgers
Mustard and onions and ketchup
All a staple of the 4th.

I didn't get to go to the parade.
I whined and carried on like a big baby,
but Vannie said, "That's just it, Gypsy, you are
too big to be in the parade.
And Dave said, "Gypsy, I really do not
want to hook you up to the truck
and haul your big self up the mountain
to Red River...and the parade president
say, "Nope, too big."

So, I just waved my flag 
and enjoyed the peace and quite.

Old Uncle Sam never grows old.
Always ready for a celebration.!!!

V and D in line waiting for the parade to begin.

They are ambassadors for the Caribel Condos.

Lafayette Friend, Gordon Bilello, donated a bunch of beads
to throw in the parade...and our sweet daughter-in-law
saved a bunch from this years Mardi Gras parades...
so with the extra candy, Vannie is probably
 having rotator cuff surgery next month.

Vannie's getting all organized...
can't throw too much at the beginning,
because then you won't have enough at the end.
Obviously a very technical job...

The Fun Begins.!!!
Be careful, Dave...Those chil'uns are crazy about those beads.

Dave said that there were at least a 100 or more entries.

Vannie's FAVE.!!!

Vannie borrowed these shots from the Red River Miner.

These really show the magnitude of the parade.

Vannie had a VW bug just like this light blue one
when she was at LA Tech in Ruston way back in the 60's.  
Lots of fun times in that "bug".

Thank the Lord...
Horses brought up the rear.

What a pretty cowgirl to close the parade.!!!