Tuesday, May 15, 2018


Minuet in G
(a 1979 Airstream that's ready to put on her Southern Belle hoop skirt)

What an exciting weekend with the North Texas Airstream Unit.!!!
(May 3 - 7)
Jefferson, Texas Civil War Re-enactment and Living History Event
Cuddos to Donna Scott and Sue Arnesen for organizing the activities.

I don't get the excitement about these dresses.
They are hot and get in the way of anything you are trying to do.
But...they make you look like a true Southern Belle...if that's your thing.

Here's most of our group.
Bunch of good folks that love to have a good time...

I really love these rally's.
I get to make some new friends,
and we gossip about all the owners while they are sightseeing.  Hee Hee
(...and there is always some juicy stuff, for sure)

Downtown Jefferson is adorable...
The General Store is a much-see.
It started out in the 1870's as a hardware store,
then later became a general store.

Dave said this soda fountain was just like the
one he worked at in Farmerville, LA while he was in high school.

So many of the ladies were dressed in their fancy dresses.
Where's yours, Vannie???

Doesn't this remind you of New Orleans...
Jefferson was ready for the weekend.

Perfect time of the year...
Flowers were blooming all over town.

Jefferson Historical Museum
It has four floors filled with historical items and memorabilia.
The building was once the courthouse for Marion County.
It also housed the post office.

This old barber chair caught Vannie's eye.
It was built for a child...notice the horse's head on the front.
As a child, Vannie actually had a bicycle that was very similar...horse's head and all.

The art collection was spectacular. 

This fabulous train layout was created by hand over a 30 year period
by R. D. Moses of Fort Worth.  It was donated to the
Jefferson Historical Museum.  The miniature Texas & Pacific Railway train
chugs along more than 190 feet of rail on a 14 by 48 foot layout. 
It moves through a 1950's West Texas landscape.

It even had an Airstream.
Now, that's the "cat's meow."

...everywhere you turn...

Jay Gould's private railroad car, Atalanta, has been
restored to its plush 1888 condition.
It's across from the Excelsior House, an exclusive hotel in town.

Mr. Gould's railroad had been rejected by the town.
He predicted the downfall of Jefferson
and packed his bags for Dallas.

It's a little ironic that the Atalanta ended back up in Jefferson.

But V and D were sure glad it did.
Beautiful beyond words...

Dave said..."hey, this reminds me of Gypsy and MinnieG."
He's so sweet.!!!

All the conveniences of home...

Can't go to Jefferson without going to the Jefferson Playhouse.

...and on this weekend, attend a performance of  "Diamond Bessie Murder Trial"
This was the 64th performance...WOW

This performance had a special guest star, Mickey Kuhn (the guy in the overalls).
He was a child actor in Gone With the Wind.

Gotta love a parade...especially in a small town.
Decorated golf carts...

...shiny convertibles...

...marching bands...

...and guys on horses...

After the parade, there was a battle re-enactment on the street.

Vannie said it looked real to her...
Lots of loud gun fire...smoke...dead bodies

Must have been a cousin.!!!  lol

Would you look at this.!!!
I got so excited.  I thought Gypsy Rhapsody had come to town.
But on a second glance, the sign said "Dirt Road Gypsies."
Two ladies had turned this Airstream into a dress shop.
Cool as cucumbers.!!!

Jefferson is full of beautiful old homes.

...and another interesting museum was Scarlett O'Hardy's
"Gone With the Wind" Museum
Vannie said it included everything you ever wanted to know about the movie...
costumes, rare books, posters, autographs, memorabilia,
and even seats from Lowe's Grand Theatre in Atlanta, GA,
where the movie was premiered.

...more beautiful flowers...

The Museum of Measurement and Time...and more.
Tick - Tock...
The museum features a large collection of American clocks...
tools used to survey and divide the land...
devices which measure. such as scales, barometers and various meters.
Also, there is a huge salt and pepper shaker collection.

The NTAU loved the Historic Jefferson Railway train ride.

The train is a narrow gauge railroad and takes it passengers through the
thick forests of the Piney Woods in northeast Texas.
V and D said they were treated to another re-enactment on the train ride.

Sunday Morning at the Christ Episcopal Church

A re-enactment of the actual ceremony 157 years ago...

...and the band plays on...

It was a most interesting weekend...
full of fun, food, friends, and lots of history.

Wednesday, May 2, 2018


Minuet in G
(a 1979 Argosy made by Airstream that is love with April in Austin)

Just a quick rewrite of the famous song
 ...April in Paris...

Sing it...

April's in the air
But here in Austin
April wears a gorgeous gown
And wears it all around town...

Lady Bird Lake is a huge hit
People on boards you can't miss
So dream about springtime
In this capitol city...
So exciting to live in...

April in Austin
A feeling that bursts
No one can take it away...

I never knew the charm of spring
I never met it in so many faces
I never knew I could sing
I never missed lots of embraces...

Till April in Austin
 Bluebonnets in blossom
Food trucks under the trees
April in Austin, music in every breeze.

April in Austin
Whom can I run to
What have you done to my heart?

CORNY...But "April in Austin" is loads of fun.!!!!

Hey...I even made it over to the University of Texas...
"In my dreams"

Vannie and Dave went to several FREE concerts on campus.
The campus is so beautiful...
especially in April.

Dave is looking for the concert hall.
"I think it is right around the corner, Vannie."

Can't be on this campus without seeing longhorns in every corner...

Vannie is lovin' this weather.

Concert #1...Fantastic Choir directed by Dr. Suzanne Pence
Dr. Pence's second job is the choir director of the Oak Hills Methodist Church...
Remember that was where Dave sang in the church choir.
Pretty Cool...

 Concert #2 ...A Percussion Concert
This picture shows the chairs being set up in the middle of the stage.
The audience was invited to come experience being surrounded by the percussion instruments.
This piece was first performed in a desert area near Iran.
Dave said he was blown away. 

Austin Food Trucks
V and D said they are in every corner of the city.
This one is called French Tex Cuisine...

A cute little Frenchman is the owner.

His specialty is the French Taco, consisting of
a gluten free galette made from buckwheat flour then stuffed
with brisket, queso, avocado and cheese.

South Austin Little League
Grandson, Vincent, loves sports of any kind.

Check out that swing...

And then there is Soccer...

Vannie said sometimes Vincent has his own style...
like this little "soccer hip-hop"...

Granddaughter, Maddie, and her best friend, Audra
always were excited about coming to the RV park to swim...
I don't think those drinks are suppose to be in the pool.
Sometimes grandparents just aren't too rule conscience.

Picnics by the Pool

Cool Clear Water...

Sleepovers are my favorite time...
That's an ice pack Maddie is holding...her hands are hurting
from going back and forth on the monkey bars a hundred times.
Vincent is behind the curtain...Man Cave

Night Life in the City
Perfect spot to see the lights...St. Edward University

Musical Theater...Violet
If you haven't been to a play at St. Edward's, you've missed a treat.
Vannie, Dave, Roy, and Emilie doubled dated for this performance.

Perfect Evening

...Vincent's 9th Birthday Party...
"Dude Perfect" party
V and D were not familiar with "Dude Perfect" until this visit.
If you haven't seen it...just check it out on YouTube.
It's a hoot.!!!

Roy and Em were having a hard time with the candles...
you know that Texas wind is atrocious.

Vincent had to be quick...

BFF...Maddie and Audra playing at the party...
Going down the slide with suckers in their mouths...Yikes.!

BFF...Brooke and Emilie
(have been friends since middle school)

Japanese Plums or Loquats
April in Austin

Vannie picked plums at Brooke's house and at Emilie's house.
Just add lots of sugar and you've got some tasty jam...

Vannie and Dave and I will not miss the Austin traffic.
They often saw this scene on their way back to the RV park in the evenings.

April in Austin
Wonderful Visit

Now...headed to Hillsboro, Tx...
Then Jefferson, Tx...
Then Lafayette, LA...
Then New Mexico...

Whew.!!!  I think it will be Gypsy's turn when they head to New Mexico.
I need some R and R, for sure..