Tuesday, October 31, 2017


Minuet in G
(a 1979 Argosy made by Airstream enjoying Halloween in the deep south)

Being in Lafayette is so amazing.
There are so many fun activities every weekend...
the list is endless.
Sweet Dough Pie Festival...
Taco Festival...
Farmer's Markets around every corner...
Black Pot Festival at Vermilionville...
Louisiana Steampunk Festival...
and, of course,

The weather was a perfect cool (almost cold) weekend.
Dave and Vannie and their Lafayette kids, Ashley, Diane, and Cooper
decided on Boo at the Zoo.
The place was packed with kids and adults.
There was trick or treating, costume contests, and

This "little" guy didn't need a costume...for sure.!!!!
We screamed and hollered at him, but he just kept his cool.

The best kind of pumpkins...blow-up...never rot.!!!

Stretch that neck, Baby...
Don't you just LOVE that color.
I have lots of friends with have flamingos in their yards...
you know, the metal ones or the wind-chime ones,
or the painted ones on a flag.
V and D haven't gotten the "flamingo" bug yet.
I'm sure it's coming sooner or later.


Aw...now, that's plum adorable.

The giraffe's stole the show.
Mama was so friendly and loved having her picture taken.
She had a couple of babies, but they didn't come up close.

Vannie got a quick selfie with mama.

This is a happy bunch.
Cooper, Ashley, Diane

The colors are beautiful, but the spookiness is out the wazoo.!!!

Vannie said that even the ghosts came out to greet them during the broad daylight.

After all was said and done...
Dave said that these guys had the right idea.
Enough "Boo at the Zoo" for today...


Saturday, October 21, 2017


Minuet in G
(a 1979 Argosy, made by Airstream, excited to be on the road with Vannie and Dave...again.)

Hi, Folks, it's me, Minnie G.
I've been in Hillsboro, TX waiting and waiting and waiting
for Vannie and Dave to return from New Mexico in my adopted mama, Gypsy Rhapsody.
Gypsy and I were side by side for only a short time
while V and D unloaded Gypsy
and loaded me to head for Louisiana.

What excitement was in the air.!!!
Gypsy was ready for some R and R,
and I was ready to Roll.!!!

Here we are together.
Vannie and Dave loved having 2 bed/2bath accommodations...
for a little while.

Long drive to Louisiana...
but that rainbow greeted us as we approached our destination.

Look at me...all happy and sassy.
This is our favorite spot...Youngsville, LA...
corner of Church and 2nd.
Youngsville is a small community just south of Lafayette.

Vannie has the grill going.
Perfect Louisiana weather.

My old friends, Mr. Rooster, and Mrs. Hen,
are still in my backyard.
They are always protecting the area
and waking up everyone at the crack of dawn.

Vannie says, "come on, Dave, we are
shoveling in the food while we are here in Louisiana.
Gotta exercise."
But where is Dave.!!!....Hmmmm

Grandson, Cooper Harris...
Saxophonist extraordinaire.!!!

Vannie and Dave love eating supper at Ashley's house.
Ashley is V and D's son, and he always has a garden.
These are homegrown eggplant frying in the black-iron skillet.

The fried eggplant paired with a nice shrimp salad...

Ashley's adding some delicious grilled sausage and chicken
to the menu.

Hub City Diner
A Lafayette Staple
Vannie, Dave, and Cooper headed here for
dinner before a big show at the Cajun Dome...Crystal Cirque Du Soleil.

Fried Shrimp and curly fries
Vannie said they had to keep exercising...now I can see why.

What a Show.!!!
All on ICE...


Vannie said it was another Cirque magnificent experience.

St. Pius X Catholic Church
St. Pius has been in Lafayette since 1959,
but it has recently been rebuilt.

Vannie and Dave's friend, Gordon Bilello, gave them tickets,
and friend, Shielah Wright, picked them up
for a performance by Chorale Acadienne.
Dave said that the church was beautiful,
and the Chorale's performance was equally as beautiful.
The performance included Magnificat by Johann Sebastian Bach
and Five Days that Changed the World by Bob Chilcott.

V and D loved the mosaics of the stations of the cross
featured on the walls of the church.

The Pieta
Michel Angelo
This was a replica that was donated to the church.
It is displayed in the lobby.
Vannie said that it was like seeing an old friend.
She first saw the original at the 1964 World's Fair.
She later saw the Pieta again during a European visit in 1973.

Vannie started a substitute teaching job as soon as
she arrived in Louisiana. 
This is her route to work in the wee hours of the morning.
Quite different from her drive to work from Questa to Red River in New Mexico.

Teaching at EAM in Lafayette has brought back lots of memories.
V and D's kids attended EAM during their 5th through 8th grade years.
The Harris' lived about 2 blocks from the school.

Vannie said it was so much fun seeing
the Evangeline Maid Bread truck pull up to the school cafeteria.
Evangeline Maid Bakery is a bread company in Lafayette
that has been since 1919.
Vannie said she used to take her elementary students on field trips to this bakery.

Dave looks happy.
He is cooking breakfast in a BIG kitchen for the next 2 weeks.
V and D are house-sitting for a friend in Lafayette.
I miss them, but Dave comes out to see me always
everyday.  He has replaced a water tank
and painted the floor under the tank
and drilled a hole through my wall (he promised me it wasn't a mistake).

Vannie and Dave are getting to
see lots of old friends and family while in Louisiana.
Always a fun place to be.!!!