Thursday, April 27, 2017


Minuet in G
(an Argosy made by Airstream dreams of living on a farm)

Yep, I think I would fit right in with Boggy Creek Farm in Austin, TX.
The pretty flowers and the nice people are right up my ally.

V and D's grandkids had a grand ole time.
I think Maddie thought this tomato was real.

This garden reminded Vannie of gardens when she was a child in Bernice, LA.
Grandmother Molly's, Aunt Aunean's, Grandmother Burns', her daddy's...
Favorite activities were running up and down the rows, hiding in the corn stalks,
picking butter beans, digging potatoes, watering, etc.

Vannie said she remembered the scarecrows in all these gardens, too.
Maddie loved the scarecrow here at Boggy Creek.

I think she thought it was T-Pop.  

V and D's friend, Molly Liggin Rankin, needs this sign, for sure.
She has a passel of chickens at her home in Benton, LA.
Vincent and Maddie love to visit her "farm" when they go see
their other grandparents, Roy and Jeanne Salvagio. 

Chickens were the only animals at Boggy Creek...
except for a few dogs.

But...there is just something about chickens that are fascinating.
Dave said, "It's not the smell, it's not the living standards, I guess it is
the anticipation of a fried chicken leg or an egg over-easy at the Waffle House." 

Watch those fingers, Maddie!!!

Vincent screamed just in time.
Maddie was heading toward this beautiful iris...
saying, "Oh, a flower for Mommy."

Saved for another day!!!

Vannie said she loved all the beautiful colored gloves hanging on the porch.
She wondered it each color was for a different chore.

Produce for Sale
Dave said everything smelled so fresh and healthy.
He was secretly hoping Vannie didn't see the kale...if you get my drift.

T-Pop and Vincent playing "hide and go seek".
Vannie and Maddie were searching everywhere...
and there they were among the bamboo.

If you live around the Austin area, 
Vannie said Boggy Creek Farm is a fun place to go...
for kids or adults.

3414 Lyons Road
Austin, TX  78702

Tuesday, April 11, 2017


Minuet in G
(an Argosy made by Airstream feeling a little "batty")

Vannie and Dave and granddaughter, Maddie, decided to visit
one of Texas' infamous "bat" caves.  There seems to be a bunch
of these dwellings in Texas.
To name just a few...
 Natural Bridge Caverns in New Braunfels, TX,
Longhorn Caverns in Burnet,
Caverns of Sonora in Sonora,
Cascade Caverns in Boerne,
Kickapoo Caverns in Bracketville,
Gorman Cave in Bend,
Inner Space Caverns in Georgetown.
V and D said that you might want to check out the
websites of these sites, and pay some a visit.

Inner Space Caverns was their choice of the day.
It was close by, and it had a tour that would be perfect for a 4 year old.
They also have longer and rougher tours, too, for the
more adventuresome.

Inner Space Cavern is a karst cave located in Georgetown, Texas.
FYI..."Karst topography is a landscape formed from
the dissolution of soluble rocks such as
limestone, dolomite, and gypsum.  It is
characterized by underground drainage
systems with sinkholes and caves."
The cave was discovered by the Texas Highway Department
in 1963 during the construction of Interstate 35.
After studying about caves and bats, Vannie visited this cave with her gifted classes
from Lafayette, LA.  This was lots and lots of years ago, but
it was fun all over again seeing it through the eyes of
her granddaughter, Maddie.

The 3 stooges waiting for the tour to start.
I hope they look just as perky after the tour
as they look at the beginning.

Thar she blows!!!
V said this was the one and only bat they saw on the entire tour...
and it was a tiny little thing...trying to get some sleep,
before it headed out at sunset to do it's exterminating job...
to rid the world of mosquitoes.  

As I said, Vannie taught lessons about caves a long time ago,
so when I started writing this blog, she couldn't help herself.
She wanted everyone to know the bear with me. 
Soda Straws
"A soda straw is a speleothem in the form of a hollow mineral cylindrical tube.  
They are also known as tubular stalactites.  Soda straws
grow in places where water leaches slowly through cracks in rocks,
such as on the roofs of caves."

Cave Bacon
"A rock formation officially known as layered flowerstone.  
The effect is created by the deposition of water-borne minerals
traveling over and over on the same route."

Cave Draperies
"A type of cave formation consisting of sheets of calcite deposited as water
flows down the cave walls.  Can also be called flowstone."

"Formed of calcium salts deposited by dripping water on the floor of a cave"
"Formed of calcium salts formed by dripping water from the ceiling of a cave"
"When a stalagmite and a stalactite meet"

Maddie holding on to T-Pop (Dave)...
"Why is that baby crying, T-Pop?"
"I don't know, Maddie, maybe she is scared."
"I'm glad I'm a big girl...I'm not scared."

More interesting formations created by water
over thousands of years...

Maddie said, "Look, Vannie, a castle."

These are modern-day art work of mammals
in which bones have been discovered.

One last formation...
The Butterfly
There is a very famous one of these formations
in the Caverns of Sonora.  Dave said he thought
this was a pretty nice one in Inner Space Caverns.

End of Tour...
Maddie made it the whole way
without one whine or cry to be held or carried.
What a trooper.!!!, Vannie, on the other hand, 
looks a teeny weeny bit "batty".

OK...that's your cave lesson for the day.
Now, go visit one nearest you, and 
impress everyone with your incredible knowledge. 


Tuesday, April 4, 2017


Minuet in G
(an Argosy made by Airstream getting used to cowboys, cattle, Czech Stops, 
caves, cacti, creeks, and a bunch of other crazy stuff)

"Un huh", I've been "fixin' to" (Texas State Verb) write my blog
for a month.  "This is not my first rodeo", but just "ain't" had time.
Vannie and Dave's been  busy eatin' "wangs" and "Whataburgers"
 until the cows come home.
So now it is time to "git-r-done".

Just had to "git" out my cowboy hat for our stay at the Lone Star RV Resort.
It's our favorite place to stay in Austin...and my first time.
GR (Gypsy Rhapsody) had told me all about it.

 V and D love Texas for a variety of reasons...some of which are:

...those gorgeous bluebonnets...
and they are all over the place right now...
along highways, in neighborhoods, in fields,
in cracks, in ditches, everywhere you look...a sea of blue.
Texas State Flower

Image result for texas state animal longhorn
...that hunk of power - the Texas Longhorn...
and they are all over the place, too...
if not the real thing, statues, billboards, hats, t-shirts...strong and mighty.
The longhorn became the large mammal symbol of Texas
in 1995.  Other mammal state symbols include the
armadillo (1927) and the Mexican free-tailed bat (1995).

Image result for texas oil wells
...and, yes, they still have oil wells...
maybe not as many working as usual,
but they are there.

Image result for texas barbecue
...barbecue...yum, yum...
Texans love their barbecue...
and everyone has a special recipe.
And they all taste good to V and D.
Bring on the ribs.!!!

Image result for willie nelson
...Willie Nelson...
can't be talkin' bout Texas without mentioning Willie.
He was born in Abbott, TX in 1933.
V and D's faves...
"On the Road Again"
"Always on My Mind"
Sing it, Willie...

There is so much more good stuff about Texas
that we love...but the VERY VERY BEST is FAMILY.

Maddie pretending to cook...

New friends coming for a visit...

And old ones, too..
(Emilie's friend, Melissa, from Lafayette)

Watching Vincent run in a race at school...

Maddie acting like her great grandmother, Madge Burns...

Tea Parties...

Maddie sleeping over by herself...

V and D taking Vincent to see Batman, the Lego Movie...
and getting in on the SXSW excitement...

Vincent and Maddie sleepovers...

Boggy Creek Farm visits...

Putt-Putt Golf...

Dancing With the Stars on Monday nights...

Meeting lots of cousins in Dallas...
Brandon and Julie Honeycutt, Hailey and Spencer
Janet Lovelady

Fort Worth Zoo...

First Grade Field Trip to the Austin Rodeo...
That's Vincent in the middle...V and D were chaperones.

Watching a homemade volcano explode...

Vincent so excited over a pokemon card...

Vincent getting to sleep over all alone...

Meeting the neighbors new baby...

Soccer Games...

Art Projects...


Letting Roy and Emilie have a much needed date night...

Lots of good stuff here...
Texas is just so much fun...

Vannie and Dave have a Texas address.
They own a lot in Hillsboro, TX.
They vote in Texas.
They have family in Dallas and Austin.
They have friends in Houston, Plano, Austin, Hillsboro, Odessa, and beyond. know...
I noticed when someone asks Vannie and Dave where they are from...
they always say LOUISIANA.

Go Figure...