Saturday, August 22, 2020



Gypsy Rhapsody

(a 1977 Airstream that experiences "wildness" on a daily basis)

Yep, it got even wilder around these parts 

when the grandkids arrived.  

It was like another one of my favorite quotes...

"Let the wild rumpus start!"

from Where the Wild Things Are by Maurice Sendak.

Granddaughter, Maddie, is always a little on the "wild side".

She is giving V and D and myself one of her original performances.

She's a keeper.

The 2 "V's"enjoying a late evening burger.
Grandson...Vincent and Vannie

Columbine Trail
They made it to the 2nd bridge...and that's a good thing.
Dave, Vannie, Maddie, Vincent, Son-in-law...Roy

Maddie and Vincent are looking a wee bit concerned.
They are pointing to a "bear sighting" on this trail.
Yikes..."Wild Things"

Maddie...the butterfly whisperer
She could sneak up on a butterfly, and it was clueless.

There it is.  Sitting so peacefully.
Totally unaware of the upcoming capture.

Vincent and Maddie...On the ski lift all by themselves...
heading to the summer tubing down the mountain.

All Good...
They came down connected to each other.

V and M were heading on a "wild" ride on the Zip Line.
Pretty exciting for about 5 minutes...then it's over.
$10 bucks each Please.!!!

Just a little rest about the Zip Line

Daughter...Emilie and Vincent
Excited about being in Colorado
They were headed to San Luis...Oldest town in Colorado

Emilie and Vincent headed up the hiking trail to the Chapel of All Saints at the top.
There are 14 Stations of the Cross along that hike.

V and D and Vincent
Inside the church...relaxing after the hike.
Vincent is showing his grandparents something very important.
I think he said something about a bird nest in the sky light.

Maddie loved sleeping over in me.
Here she is reading one of her favorite books from the Gerald and Piggy series.
She is an expert at the voices of Gerald and Piggy.
Of course, T-Pop and Vannie were mesmerized.

Maddie saves the day.!!!
They woke up the next morning, and the door would not open from the inside.
The lock was broken.  Maddie, Dave, and Vannie were stuck inside.
What to do...What to do???
Dave thought that maybe he could crawl out the back window.
But Vannie said, No Way.!!!
Then Maddie said, "I can do it."
Dave handed her the key...then he slowly helped her out the back window...
she ran around to the door...unlocked it with the key...
Those grandkids are good for something.!!!

Mallette Park Trail in Red River
Another great hike...perfect for kids
Cool Fresh Mountain Air
I think Dave was feeling a little "wild" himself.

Maddie explores a cave along the trail.

Roy goes a little deeper.
Sure hope there are no critters back there.

All the Salvagio's are enjoying the peace and quite of the tepee.
This trail was full of one adventure after another.

Oh my goodness...
That is a little to close for comfort.
The gang was going on a trail from the Visitor's Center in Wild Rivers to the Fish Hatchery.
Roy, hold on to Maddie.

Dave's going to check out the view.
Vannie and Vincent said...No way...not getting that close to the edge.

A Moment
Just a moment on the trail...

Those wee toes were ready for soaking on the cold waters of the Red River.

After a long hike, the van automatically turned into 
Frank's Eats and Sweets in Questa. A yummy ice cream cone was in order.

What a great way to end a wonderful visit...
A Rainbow Trout Dinner
Dave can hardly wait to dig in.