Tuesday, May 30, 2017


Gypsy Rhapsody
(a 1976 Airstream that enjoys a little culture, too)

I know this wonderful portrait of an Airstream and Frida and Diego
looks like me...well, it isn't.  But including it in this particular blog was a must.
My friend on Airstream Addicts, Mr. Frank diBona, is responsible
for creating this coolest of portraits.  Frank creates many more
combinations of famous works of art incorporated with an Airstream.
Check him out on Airstream Addicts or
or flickr 
You will be blown away by his work. 

Frida and Diego with Airstream
Frank diBona

Vannie met up with an old Bernice friend, Carole Ann Kaplan
to tour the Dallas Museum of Art...Mexico Exhibit.
Carole and Vannie were most interested in Frida and Diego's works of art.

Vannie said that upon entering the museum, you are
immediately awed by the huge Chihuly Glass Display.
It is part of the permanent collection of the DMA.

Carole and Vannie were so excited about just being able to
visited this exhibit together.
So many things to see...so little time.
I included the ones Vannie said that most interested her.

"Self Portrait, Very Ugly"

"Itzaintli Dog with Me"

"Portrait of Lucha Maria"

"The Two Fridas"

"Sun and Life"

Carole admiring two small works by Frida.

"Still Life"
Still Life with Parrot and Flag"

"Woman Grinding Maize"

"Calla Lilly Vendor"

"Portrait of Ilya Ehienborug"

"Juchiton River"

Video of  Diego and Frida during painting of his Detroit Industry Mural

Klyde Warren Park is a park built over the Woodall Rodgers Freeway.
It is right across the street from the DMA

Carole and Vannie relaxed after the museum tour.
There were food trucks everywhere.
V said it was so much fun eating and talking
and enjoying the atmosphere.

Hope you feel a little more "with it"
when it comes to Frida and Diego.

I know I do.!!!

Saturday, May 27, 2017


Gypsy Rhapsody
(a 1979 Airstream feeling blue)

Yes, I was a little bummed that I didn't
get to return to Lafayette with Vannie and Dave
for grandson Cooper's birthday.
Vannie said that they were only going to
be gone a few days, and it just would not
be worth it to haul my big self to South Louisiana.

So... I had to put on my big girl panties and
hang around Hillsboro while they celebrated Cooper's 12 years of life.
I wasn't too too sad.  Minnie G was by my side, 
and she was filling me in on all kinds of stories
about her stay in Louisiana a few months ago.

Vannie and Dave returned with pictures and stories
about good times, good friends, and good food.

The Birthday Boy
12 years old
Last year before a teenager
Vannie said..."How did this happen?"

Cooper hamming it up with grandmother, Adie.

Adie prepared a delicious meal...homemade eggrolls
and fried rice...(The first of 2 birthday meals.)
Dave said..."DELICIOUS."

Gotta love that Cooper...
He knows how to have a good time.

Dave said, "No napping this go round."
A little science experience was in order...
The "old spray paint in a bucket of water" experiment...

Dip in the object...and viola...instant art.!!!!

Next...basketball game...

Hey, Coop...the goal is the other way.!!!

Next Day...
Time to spend the birthday moolah...
Acadiana Mall
Skateboard Store...Zumiez

Ready to skate...in high style

V and D said the mall has something for everyone.
An inflatable boat and/or bed.
Ashley is thinking he might have to have this.

Like Father like Son...

2nd Birthday Meal
Shucks Restaurant in Abbeville, LA

Ashley is enjoying every bite of those raw oysters...
He said, "May doesn't have an "R"?  Nobody told me."

Time for the Birthday Cake...

Blow those candles out, Boy!!!
Make that wish.!!!

V and D said that Mr. Cooper is a great kid...
and, of course, they are not prejudice one bit. 

V and D's good friend, Lois Mills, was also having a birthday
while they were in town.
They treated her to a lunch at La Madeleine's.
Some friends from First Methodist Church in Lafayette
came by our table and sang the birthday song to Lois.
Lois sings in the choir at First Methodist with these guys
for Easter and Christmas.

Right next to La Madeleine's is Dunn's Interior.
Dave used to work for Dunn's, so they popped in to visit with old friends.
Here they are reminiscing with Judy Dunn and Karen Laing.
Judy, Karen, and Dave had gone on a mission trip together
several years ago to Romania.

A bunch of good times packed into just a few days...

Thursday, May 25, 2017


Gypsy Rhapsody
(a 1976 Airstream that's glad to be back writing)

Good Morning, Folks...
It's been 4 months plus since I've been behind the typewriter.
My adopted daughter, Minuet in G, has been doing the blog honors.
She was new to the job, but obviously did OK.
There were lots of "hits" while she was writing.

Vannie and Dave are actually in NM,
but there was several stories I wanted to write
about before they got there...
so these next couple of blogs will
be written about activities in Texas/Louisiana.

This one is about our relatives that have
 recently moved to Keller, Tx.
Keller is in the Dallas-/Fort Worth metroplex.
It advertises itself as
"successfully balancing big-city comforts with small-town charm".
Vannie said it truly was a delightful community. 

The relatives are Brandon and Julie Honeycutt
and their two children, Hailey (4) and Spencer (1).
Brandon is Vannie's nephew.  
His mom was Susan Heard Honeycutt from Bernice, LA.
He has recently retired from the army
and is now employed in Keller.
Vannie was blessed to have attended their
wedding in South Korea several years ago.

Hailey and Spencer

Spencer has the gift...loves "playing" the piano.

An authentic Korean restaurant was in order.
Vannie said that the food was delicious, and it brought back
memories of when she in South Korea for the wedding. 

Looks like Vannie and Dave are ready to dig in.

So much food...so little time.
That big round "hubcap" in the center of the table
was the grill.  Julie was the chef of the day.
She carefully cooked the various kinds of meat (beef...bulgogi, kalbi and squid).
The sides (banchan) included rice, kimchee, cabbage with soybean paste,
steamed soft tofu with soy chili sauce, spicy bean sprout salad, 
pickled cucumber salad, tofu and egg pudding, and rustic spinach.

Dave and Spencer were enjoying the experience.

Then on to the Korean Market...
Vannie looks pretty excited about that little bite of "something"
that she just ate.

OK...Dave...what do you think?
The jury is still out on Dave's taste buds.

Everyone looks nice and full 
and ready to head for home...
I think I heard V and D mention "nap time."

Vannie and Dave are so happy Brandon and Julie
are living in Keller.  It's only about an hour
from their front door to my front door.

Monday, May 8, 2017

LAST DAY IN AUSTIN...(this time around)

Minuet in G
(A 1979 Argosy ... made by Airstream ... that has loved her first time in Austin)

Vannie and T-Pop's last day in Austin was filled with
celebrating grandson Vincent's 8th birthday.
It was a PERFECT Austin spring day.
The sun was out, the air was crisp, the birds were singing.

Daughter Emilie had invited a bunch of friends and their parents
to help celebrate.
The party was on the Zilker Elementary playground.
It had lots of playground equipment, basketball goals,
soccer goals, and picnic tables.
Perfect for an 8 year old sports enthusiast.!!!
(Vincent is in first grade at Zilker)

Vannie said it brought back lots of memories of birthday parties
for Emilie and Ashley as they were growing up in Lafayette, LA.

The birthday boy...

...and a bunch of 7 and 8 year olds...
So much laughing and giggling...

...and the song was sung...Happy Birthday to You
    Happy Birthday to You
Happy Birthday dear Vincent
Happy Birthday to you...

Do I see Vannie licking her fingers while she is cutting the cake?

Pizza AFTER dessert

Lots of balls

...and lots of games...

... and sisters acting silly...

...and even, babies to enjoy...

...and Mom and Dad and T-Pop and Neighbors...

...and, of course, lots of presents.

But the best time for Vannie and T-Pop
was getting back to Vincent's house and getting a big hug 
from the birthday boy.

Great Last Day in Austin...

until the next time around.!!!