Tuesday, April 16, 2019


Gypsy Rhapsody
(a 1977 Airstream that loves to sing...
"Row, Row, Row, your Goat."
Stop looking like that, Folks...it's a joke...Geez.)

Vannie and Dave kept sending me these messages
about loving The Civil Goat.
I didn't get it, until they finally explained...

The Civil Goat...
a coffee shop in Austin, TX
(Bee Cave Area)
that serves coffee any way you like it...
and pasties to die for...
and healthy stuff...
and has it's on real live goat named Butter.

Vannie said that Butter is very friendly,
but will try to eat your pastry,
 fiber bar hidden in your purse,
or your plastic spoon.

Dave informed me that The Civil Goat is
right around the corner from
their housesitting gig.
The employees are very friendly,
and there is always a bunch of people 
there eating, visiting, doing work,
or talking to Butter.

704 Cuernavaca Dr.
Austin, TX

Drum Roll, Please...
Introducing Butter, the Civil Goat...
well, Vannie says he is civil most of the time.

Should be a goat.!!!

Cha Cha Chia Pudding and Coffee
Chia seeds, coconut milk, fruit, maple syrup...YUM.
Healthy Snack...

...and then there is the not so healthy snack...

Gotta Love those hearts...

Dave says that there outta be a law about having donuts by the checkout.
This guy is such a pusher...of those donuts...arrest him!!!!

They even have their on personal coffee.

All this "goat" talk, makes me think of a story.
Vannie and Dave's grandkids, Maddie, Vincent, and Cooper,
love stories...so here's a "goat" story just for them.


Once upon a time, in the land of Cuernavaca, there was a delightful and playful goat.
His name was Butter.  Butter lived on a farm in the great state of Texas.  He had several friends…
Bobby the beautiful brown horse, Jennifer the black and white cow, and Tommy the big red rooster.
Butter was always getting into trouble.  Sometimes he ate Bobby’s food, or stepped on Jennifer’s hoof, or fell over on Tommy.  His friends would always tell Butter to STOP, but Butter would never listen. He thought it was funny.

One day, Bobby, Jennifer, and Tommy had a meeting.   They could not allow Butter to go on eating their food, stepping on their feet, or falling over on  them.  Butter needed to realize that to HAVE friends, you needed to BE a friend…and to BE a friend, you have to LISTEN to your friends.  They would have a “civil” meeting with Butter and discuss their issues.  They would LISTEN to what Butter had to say, too…because that’s what friends do.  

 The next day the three friends invited Butter over for a visit.  Butter loved his friends, so he was so
excited about this visit.  He could hardly wait to play his tricks on them…eating Bobby’s food, stepping on Jennifer’s hoof, and falling over on Tommy.  Butter thought these tricks were so much fun. When Butter arrived to meet his friends, he immediately ran over to eat Bobby’s food.  Bobby said, “STOP.” Then Butter headed over to step on Jennifer’s hoof.  Jennifer’s said, “STOP.”  Butter noticed Bobby and Jennifer were NOT laughing, but he went ahead and tried to fall over on Tommy.  Tommy said, “STOP.”  Butter was laughing and laughing, but his friends were not laughing.  They were just staring at him.  Bobby, Jennifer, and Tommy all said together, “Butter, we have to have a talk.”  Butter just stood there.  He was confused.  What was wrong? 

One at a time, each friend told Butter why his tricks were not funny.  Bobby explained that
when Butter ate his food that meant that Bobby got very hungry before his next meal.  Jennifer said
she would trip when Butter stepped on her hoof, and she might really get hurt one day.  Tommy crowed that some of his beautiful black and white feathers would break when Butter fell on him.  Butter LISTENED, because that is what friends do.  Butter really loved his friends, and he wanted to BE their friend. 

That day, in the land of Cuernavaca, Butter learned a valuable lesson.  To BE a friend, you have to
LISTEN to your friends, and learn from them.  You have to not hurt your friends, or play tricks on
them that they do not like.  To have friends, you have to BE a friend.  That is what Butter wanted most in all the world.  He was very grateful to his friends for calmly explaining to him what was
bothering them, and then LISTENING to him, as well…because that is what friends do.

That was the best day EVER.!!!

Now, go have a great day, and do whatever floats your GOAT.!!!

Saturday, April 6, 2019


Gypsy Rhapsody
(a 1977 Airstream that love adventures with Maddie and Vincent,
but she is stuck in Hillsboro)

Yep, I'm stuck in Hillsboro,
because Vannie and Dave are experiencing
a house-sitting gig in Austin...
So, they are getting to have all the fun with Maddie and Vincent.

Vannie sends me updates periodically...
which means whenever she feels like it.
That explains why I haven't written since the
middle of March.  

Looks like they have been having some great adventures.

Peter Pan Putt-Putt is always a must...
especially this time of the year.
Vannie said it was just right...not to hot...not to cold.

Vincent has a swing like a pro.

Is that T-Pop down on all fours.
I think a ball got stuck under one of the 3 Little Pigs.
T-Pop to the rescue.

Score...Vincent first place, Maddie second, Vannie third, and T-Pop fourth.

Mt. Bonnell
elevation...775 feet above sea level
Named about George W. Bonnell, who came to Texas
with others to fight for Texas independence in 1836.

There are 106 steps to the top.
Maddie and Vincent couldn't wait to get there.

Vannie said the kids were not even breathing hard
when she and T-Pop FINALLY made it up.
But...Vannie and T-Pop needed oxygen...

There's an old story that the popular song of the 1850's,
"Wait for the Wagon and We'll All Take a Ride",
was inspired atop Mr. Bonnell.
I think T-Pop is "wishing for that wagon".

She made it.!!!

Oh my goodness...What a view!!!

Dave said there were lots of trails on top....
and, of course, the kids wanted to explore them all.
I can just hear V and D now...
"Wait, Vincent and Maddie, Wait for us.!!!

Vannie said springtime was showing it's face on the mountain.

Thank goodness for that fence...

OH, NO...No fence here.
...And there goes Maddie...
"Move over, Maddie...Don't go too close to the edge."

Texas Military Forces Museum
Fort Mabry...Austin
V and D said they were amazed at how interested
the kids were here.
The museum provided a scavenger hunt clipboard.
That was a huge upper.  An actual prize at the end...

The flight simulator was so much fun.
Vincent was really getting the feel of power.

Maddie was getting the feel of cuteness..

And Vannie just had to give it a try, too.

T-Pop provided a history lesson.
Both kids were mesmerized with the 9-11 story.

V and D and the M and V loved the collection of military toys.
This little guy at the typewriter reminded Dave of his dad.
At the end of WWII, his dad (Caldwell Harris) was an office clerk
for a high ranking official in the Air force in Linz, Austria. 
V and D actually got to visit Linz 2017.   

Maddie and Vincent had a sleepover with V and D
after all those adventures.
Before they had to go home,
Maddie came running into the house and said,
"Vannie, you didn't tell me you had a bunch of clover here."
Then she handed over the fistful of clover.

That little bunch of clover
was a bright spot on the window sill all week.

It's the little things.!!!!