Thursday, September 30, 2021



( 1977 Airstream that is always ready to move on)

New Mexico...we love you!

What a great summer...

cool, beautiful, mountain air, friends...

If you haven't visited Vannie and Dave

during the summer...

put it on your bucket list for 2022.

It's always a delight for these folks to look us up when they get close by.
Judy and Fred Hazen from Lakeway, Texas
Fred is a history buff...he loves every morsel of history
that he is able to absorb...and Judy is right there with him.
She enjoys the traveling, art, and keeping up with Fred.
They are a team!!!

We cooked up a mess of rainbow trout and chowed down.


Our next group actually stayed at our campground.

Dan Jowers on the computer from Georgetown, TX

and David Dacklin from Oregon.

Dave, Dan, and David D. love karaoke. Dan is looking up songs,

and they are all singing to the top of their lungs.  Well,

it looks like Dave is the only one really singing. Dan was 

concentrating and David D. was acting silly.

We had a big fish fry with these folks, too.

Non singers...Gloria Gonzales and Sunnie Dae Dacklin...

...and Dorothy Jowers are enjoying listening...

Vannie and I are in that group, also. 

The sun starts to go down...

...and the marshmellows, gram crackers, and chocolate

come out of the woodwork.

Sticky, gooey, decadent, and delicious 

Every Saturday in Questa there is an Arts & Crafts Market.

Vannie works in the Questa News Booth signing up people for 

the Questa News, a monthly newspaper.

She is the subscription manager of the paper.

Check it out

If you think you might like the email edition,

let her know.  It's free and only once a month.

The Questa Honey Bee
On my goodness...Vannie, along with some of her buddies,
were Bee's at Broadmoor Elementary in Lafayette, LA
back in the day.  Lots of fun, for sure.
Vannie says that the Honey Bee's honey is to die for.

Questa has a lively Buddhist colony.
Today when V & D went by with one of their "tour groups",
lots of folks were sprucing up the place.
Questa has the most helpful people in the universe.
A community of people helping people.  

Cerro Family Farm
Cerro is a tiny community north of Questa.
The Family Farm is the place to buy organic fruit and vegetables.
The BEST.!!!

Oh my goodness...they have a flower garden that is color and scent.
They sell beautiful bouquets for all occasions.

On V and D's last day to work at the Caribel in Red River,
they were visited by this wonderful hummingbird moth.
It was a photo hog, too.  It would pause as if it knew Vannie was 
going to take it's picture.

Coming down the mountain after work for the last time in 2021.

They took the frogs over to Gloria's yard.
She will be good to them for the rest of the season.

They headed down the road... a setting sun...

...and waved good-bye New Mexico...
see ya in 2022.

Vannie and Dave stopped over for a couple of days
at NTAC in Hillsboro, TX to switch trailers.
Minnie G will head out with them,
and I'll hang here in Texas for a while.

Next destination...
Sugar Creek, Ohio
Swiss Cheese Festival Airstream Rally

In fact, they are already there...
I just had to play catch-up on my blog.

Sunday, September 26, 2021



Gypsy Rhapsody

(a 1977 Airstream that loves those North Louisiana girls)

It happened the first week of August.

Judy (Dave's sister-in-law)

Mary Helen (Judy's sister)

Deb (Judy & Mary's friend)

This is a group that came to have a good time...

...and, boy, did they...and included

Vannie and Dave in that "good time" category.

We started the week by chowing down on a trout dinner.

Although these are catfish kinda girls,

they didn't leave anything but the bones.

Exploring Red River was a must...
V and D got them to the top of the ski lift...finally.

Getting on and off the lift was a say the least.

...but the view is a must.!

...and they even had a few animals that came up close and personal...
What'd you think about that Vannie?
Did that moose have some "wild" breathe? UGH

Oh...we had forgotten to tell them that the only
way down was to get back on that lift...
Looks like everyone is having a little sciatic problem.
Come on, Girls...You can do it.!!!

...and who was the one that talked us into the 
summer tubing down the mountain...
Was it Deb...Judy...Mary?

Mary..."Let's go again"

Deb..."My butt will never be the same"

Judy..."Yay, thank you, Jesus"

Vannie..."Help Me, I've fallen and can't get up."

NEXT...Zip Line...Deb and Judy
Vannie thought Deb might be paralyzed.  
Breathe, Deb, Breathe

This is the lake that the Zip Line goes over.
I can see why Deb seemed a little paralyzed.

Questa's St. Anthony's Church is always on Vannie
and Dave's "Tour Guide" list.
It's just so pretty and the story behind it
is phenomenal.
I'm sure I've told it in one of my blog's before.
If you don't remember, goggle it.
It's worth the read. 
The stain glass windows are exquisite .
All completed by volunteers in the community.
Check out the thickness of those walls.
Always cool inside.

Arroya Seco, NM

Delightful little town on the way to Taos.

The hollyhocks were beautiful.  Those flowers love it when it's hot and dry.

These girls LOVE to shop.

They went in and out of every shop around the square in Taos.

Deb met up with this guy and couldn't resist getting her picture taken with him.


On the way back to Red River, we stopped off at the Rio Grande Gorge Bridge.
Judy and Mary braved the walk to the middle of the bridge for a photo opp...
not way was she going out there on that bridge.

On down the road from the gorge is the "Earthship" community.
All the houses are built out of recyclable material.
Some are even partly underground.

Very interesting stop, even though it was beginning to rain.

Another day...another dollar
Shopping in Santa Fe
Vannie had to work at the Caribel, so Dave
went with the girls to explore.
My goodness...if you've seen one dead cow, you've seen them all.
...and this was a bunch...or is it herd???

The Loretto Chapel
Another interesting story...
Another goggle adventure...

I think Dave is loving being the only guy on this adventure.
That smile is worth a thousand words.!!!
He is standing by a replacer of the 
Miraculous Stair.

Vannie sends him off with the girls...
and he comes back with this.
She says she can't let him out of her sight again.
My goodness...

Jeep Ride
The girls had a driver...didn't trust themselves driving 
up those mountain roads alone.

Wow...this deer thought he owned the road.
Was just mosing across and decided to stop
to get his picture taken.

The jeep tour stopped by a beautiful mountain stream...

wildflowers galore

Enjoying the moment...

There was an old cabin to explore.

Judy is checking it out.
"Hmmm...I think I could live here."

"What do you think, Deb?
Let's move in."

Mary..."Don't leave me out..."

An old mining cave

Vannie, be are going to bump your head...

Last night celebration
Michael Martin Murphy Concert/Dinner
...and it was Dave's birthday.!

A Fantastic Concert
Michael always gives a 101%.

This was the scenery behind the outdoor stage.
Vannie said it was sooo peaceful.

When the sun went down...the lights went up...
and the music didn't stop.

...and then it was time to sing
"Happy Birthday" to Dave.
He's holding his birthday candle...
in the middle of the parking lot...
no cake...oops!
He wouldn't tell everyone what his wish was...
so it must have been a doosie.

What a great week with the North Louisiana girls!!!
Looking forward to next year.