Tuesday, January 4, 2022



Gypsy Rhapsody

(a 1977 Airstream that loves Austin...although she wasn't invited this time...😞)

It's Time
It's Time
A Vintage Christmas Watch 
First owner..Pearl Harris (Dave's Mom)
New Battery
New Band
Ticking Away!!!
Let the parties begin!!!

First Morning in Austin
Grandson, Vincent (12) making omelets for breakfast.
He is a whiz in the kitchen.
Give that guy a spatula, a skillet, and a stick of butter...
and he's going to make it happen.

Next morning...V and D gave him a break.
Kirby Lane for breakfast

Vannie and Maddie (9)
That's a bunch of food...
We did walk there...
and slowly back.

Maddie couldn't wait to take V and D
to the new downtown library.

The library tree was a work of art.

The tree was decorated with beautiful stars
that kids had helped make.
Of course, Vannie googled the instructions
as soon as she could...
Stars in our future!!!

Lunch with the whole gang...
True Food Kitchen
222 West Ave Ste HR100
Everyone surprisingly loved it!!!
Now from the Sublime to the Ridiculous.... 

The Baked Bear
Custom Ice Cream Sandwiches
Conveniently across the street from the True Food

This Picture is Worth a Thousand Words!

Had to walk off some of that food!
Butterfly Bridge
Shoal Creek Blvd.
Emilie and Vincent...

We are following Maddie to the Toy Store.
Monkey See Monkey Do
(that's the name of the store...lol)
South Congress Ave.

Lots of oo's and ahh's later in the evening...
COTA (Circuit of The Americas) Christmas Lights
Peppermint Parkway
9201 Circuit of the Americas Blvd

A mile long drive-thru event
A safe way to celebrate during Covid

How about an early morning bike ride?
When Maddie is around, things happen.
A couple of red gummies, and your nose will light up like Rudolph's.

Back home just in time for a performance of the Nutcracker...

The Sugar Plum Fairy
Uncle Drosselmeyer
(Prince was a natural)

Can't celebrate Christmas without a puzzle..or two...or three.
Here's 2 that we completed...the third one didn't quite make the cut.
2 out of 3 ain't too bad!!!

Back on the Bikes...
Emilie, Audra (neighbor), Maddie
Heading to the ice cream shop...Amy's
Vannie is huffing and puffing on foot.

Audra and Maddie
It's a wonder they were not upchucking.

Pretty Girls 
Big Beautiful Smiles
Full of Delicious Ice Cream
Sittin' on a Make-believe Blue cow
With a Bright Blue Sky
 Shining Down on Them

Hey...I wanted some ice cream!!!
I've got my Christmas jammie shirt on...
I'm ready for Santa.

Gotta make those Christmas cookies.
Santa is expecting them.

No wonder that guy has trouble getting down the chimney!

Just one game, Vannie...
Taco, Cat, Goat, Cheese, Pizza
If you haven't played this game, You have totally missed out.

Christmas Eve
Last year Dave started a new tradition.
This nativity belonged to his grandmother, on his mama's side...
...Little Gran,
so it is about a 100 years old.
Maddie carefully put out each piece.
She read the Christmas story.

After all the pieces were placed and the story read, 
 each person lit a candle and all sang Silent Night.
A special moment in a busy holiday...

Christmas Eve Movie
The Christmas Chronicles
Dave said, "It's a winner."

because those children get up very early on Christmas morning...

Early...You, say...
4:30 am
Santa barely had time to get back up the chimney...


Filled to the brim

Vannie and T-Pop...
With their 4:30 faces...
Where's the coffee?

Prince was a good dog...
so Santa left him a stocking, too.

His fave was Baby Yoda.
Yoda had a small squeak...
 without being tooooo annoying.  
I think Santa knew what he was doing.

Everyone looks a little sleeeeepy...you think!
Vannie is about to fall over.
Emilie is in a trance 
Prince is just making sure everyone stays upright.

After resting and eating lunch,
the neighbors invited all to
go on a hike.
Roy and Vincent were watching the football game.
But Vannie, Dave, Emilie, and Maddie were up for the challenge.

...oh, and Prince, too.

Headed down the trail...

Vannie's screaming...
 "Who said we were going to have to forge a river?"

"If I fall in, who's going to get me out?"

Dave said, "Get over it, Vannie...You'll be fine.
Just don't try to breathe underwater."

"...and it get's deeper and deeper.
Do we need life preservers?"

It was beautiful on the trail.
Everyone settled down, and realized
...they were not going to drown...
...they were not going to starve...
...they were not going to pass out...
...they just had keep walking...

...and all the people said "Amen"
Resting at the end of the trail...
3 Miles...
(V said she couldn't believe it wasn't 10, at least)

Just one sleepover before school starts...
Maddie and Prince invited their friend, Eli.
They bedded down in the den.
All three had a blast! 

Last Night in Austin for the Christmas Season...
Dinner at the Oasis Restaurant
Lake Travis
6550 Comanche Trail
V and D and E had dinner here about 20 years ago.
It had really changed since then.
LOTS bigger!!!

The restaurant does not take reservations, but the wait was only an hour.

Soooo worth it.
Outside seating.
Spectacular Scenery 

Emilie in the glow of the sunset...
Beautiful Lady

T-Pop and Vincent

Vannie and Maddie
Good Service
Food was delicious!
Perfect ending to 2021 Austin Christmas Visit

...and just like that...
It's New Year's Eve
Vannie and Dave made it back to NTAC
(North Texas Airstream Community)
Hillsboro, TX

Vannie and her friend, Donna, are ready for the
New Year's Celebration.

...the ladies heading to the dance floor...

Dave and his friend, Doug, enjoying karaoke.
Sing it, Boys! 


Nuff Said