Wednesday, January 28, 2015


Gypsy Rhapsody
After hearing about
A trip to Tunica Hills/Clark Creek Hiking Area
near St. Francisville, LA
Palmetto State Park
near Abbeville, LA, I was inspired to
recreate the words to the musical
by Stephen Sondheim

Tunica Hills
Ashley and Cooper
Into the woods
The way is straight,
The light is soft,
The is air is clear...
Mushrooms growing on an old dead tree
Into the woods
The discoveries are vast,
The sights are abundant,
Don't be afraid,
Just keep the pace...

Ashley and Cooper discover a waterfall.
Into the woods
Hike up a hill
and down again,
Into the woods
The sounds are there...

Cinquapin Oak
Into the woods
The sights are there.
Forgotten species

Mystery Tree...Help V discover the name of this one.
Into the woods
Mysteries abound,
Artist's palette
All around...

Picnic by the waterfall...
Into the woods
Picnics are people,
People are picnics,
Share your food,
and make some memories...

Selfie...Dave, Coop, Ash, Diane, Vannie
Into the woods,
Without delay,
The family goes
and makes their way...

Diane and Ashley
Into the woods
Stay on the path,
Hurry along
Don't be afraid...
Into the woods
Find what you may,
Each turn
Lights the way...

Into the woods
The paths are steep.
The steps are hard.
Patterns in life,
and Patterns in strife...
Palmetto State Park
Into the woods
Lots of green,
and brown,
Soft and hard,
Sharp and round...
Into the woods
A boy can be free,
He is alive,
No phones,
No computers,
No TV...
Into the woods
Creatures can rustle,
Like the boy,
It is free and alive,
Under trees and leaves...

Into the woods,
Birds can
Soar, Fly, Float
Free from worry

Vermillion River
Into the woods,
The river runs
Lazy and Crazy,
It hums its song
of complete contentment...
Into the woods
Reflections are found,
In the water and
In your thoughts...
Into the woods
Minds are clear..
Clouds of life are gone...
Only peace, perfect peace.

Into the woods,
The day is done,
The sun is low,
The night is coming,
The journey's over.


Sunday, January 25, 2015


Gypsy Rhapsody
I find the new year a wonderful time.
...a time of new beginnings
...a time of renewing old friends
...a time of making new friends
...a time of loving
...a time of reflecting
...and time of feeling thankful

Here I am...feeling thankful for my great spot in Youngsville, LA
It is just a perfect place...and it is compliments of Kathy and Howard Mott, Airstream buddies.
Thank you, Kathy and Howard
Vannie and Dave are close to ...

 Charlie's Grocery Store

Michael's Laundromat

...a precious little daycare.  It used to be a filling station, but has
been given a new life as a daycare.
The daycare was cleaning all the rugs and hanging them on the fence to dry.
It made me smile all day.

...a beauty shop

...a church (St. Ann's)

...and  Morvant's Restaurant...look what they are serving.  YUM.
Check this out...Vannie decided the new year meant eating healthy.
This is kale and sweet potato soup...recipe from cousin Kathryn Brady.
Dave said it was not only beautiful, but delicious.
Vannie said I must  share this recipe...
1 T olive oil, 1 onion, healthy slug of chopped garlic, a bunch of kale, 3 sweet potatoes, 1 1/2 qts. low-sodium broth, salt, 1 cup of unsweetened coconut milk, (recipe calls for a jalapeno. V left it out, but if you like a kick, put it in)  Saute onion in oil...add garlic...stir in kale, potatoes, broth, salt...boil...simmer about 20 mins.  Add milk and heat and eat.  To serve, add a little cooked rice to each bowl. 

Is this healthy?  I don't think so...but oh, so delicious.
V and D's friend, Beck McKee, shared this recipe.
Mini Pecan Tarts
...and what a tart Dave was when he consumed about 10 in a row.
Vannie has been subbing in the school system in-between visiting, playing with Cooper, cooking...and whatever else meets her fancy.
She has been a second grade teacher, a PE coach, a PE assistant, a Special Ed Resource teacher, a Special Ed assistant, and a Kindergarten teacher...once a teacher, always a teacher.
Here they are...buds.!

I REALLY love it when Cooper comes over.
He brings a new life to me.

I want you to meet Kathy and Howard.
They were at the Airstream luncheon at Riverside Inn in Lafayette.
Thank you again, K and H...You're the best.!

V and D looking good...they are thinking about that stuff catfish dinner they are about to consume.

No, Cousin Janet didn't come to Lafayette/Youngsville.
She's in Flower Mound celebrating her 70th birthday...and
V and D were there helping here celebrate.  They left me just for the
weekend and celebrated with her.
...Madeline was there

...and Vincent.
V and D had picked them up in Austin (along with their mom).

On the way back to Austin, the Dallas Zoo was in order.
...and here is Madeline obviously giving orders.  lol

Emilie and Vincent playing with Leppy.
Friends...Dwight and Carla Nelson
They had all just eaten at Pat's Seafood Restaurant in Henderson, LA

Friend...Gordon Bilello
Gordon had come out to see me...and V and D.
Good visit.
Our time in Louisiana is not over...
so I'll have more adventures to share.
An Airstream always has so much to tell...
I love spreading the joy.
Oops...almost forgot.
I need to squeeze in these two pictures that happened
on December 30 and 31, 2014.
 Dec. 30, 2014
Orville and Claudia Steen
...eating lunch at the Sweet Pea Café in Winnfield, LA.
V and D and O and C share the same anniversary (July 1).
They get their anniversary meal in whenever they can, so
Dec. 30 was as good as any time. 
December 31, 2014
Happy New Year
These 6 friends have been getting together for the past 15 years.
Nancy and Jim Underwood
Jan and Chester Baudoin
and V and D.
They never quite make it to midnight, but, as Dave always says,
 "It's midnight somewhere in the world."