Saturday, March 24, 2012


Lots and lots of "firsts" least with Vannie and Dave...I could tell them a thing or two about "firsts" I had in the olden days, but they are not interested.  They are just all about what's happening NOW!  And frankly me, too! goes...About two weeks ago I had my "first" caravan, my "first" time on the Interstate, my "first" to ride in the rain, my "first" time to go across the Atchafalaya Swamp, my "first" time to go across the Mississippi River, my "first" time for Dave to take me away from Vannie for a few days...and it was all GREAT! 

The Louisiana Acadiana Chapter of Airstreams invited us to go on a caravan with them to 2 different campsites... Bogue Chitto and Abita Springs.  It was a Monday through a Saturday.  Vannie decided to let Dave go solo for Monday through Wednesday and she would meet him Thurday afternoon.  She stayed with Ashley, Diane, and Cooper (son, daughter-in-law, grandson).   So Monday, March 12 Dave and I headed out in a horrible thunder storm.  Vannie was a wee bit nervous,but knew God would take care of us.  We met up with some of my other cousins and their owners at the Butte La Rose Exit off of I10.  We were running a little late because of the weather, but they waited for us.  It was a site to behold to see all of us rollin' across the Atchafalaya Basin.  I'm the oldest in the group and Vannie and Dave are among the youngest.

Our first stop was Bogue Chitto State Park near Franklinton, LA.  It was right on the Bogue Chitto River.  Beautiful spot!  The group toured a local castle and an old drygoods store.  We were 2 days there.

Next adventure was on to the Abita Springs RV Resort.  It was a private timeshare location.  We had to be invited to camp there.  We were in high cotton.  Gorgeous location in tall pine trees..beautiful swimming pool, lovely fishing pond, restaurant.  It was great seeing Vannie arrive on Thursday evening.  The weather was just perfect.  Friday several of the group decided to go into Covington to an English Tea Room.  They said they had to hold out their pinkies while drinking the tea and eating the scones and crumpets.  A little to "uptown" for me, but they seemed to really enjoy it!   Vannie and Dave drove around Abita Springs later that evening.  They found the house that their cousin, Kathryn Green Brady, used to live it.  Kathryn lives in Colorado now.  Can't wait til V and D pull up there.  They also toured the Abita Springs Mystery House.  Vannie took a picture of Dave standing by another one of my long lost relatives.  It had a "spaceship" embedded in the side.  Just a little wierd! Oh, almost forgot, they all took a tour of the Abita Springs seems that one cannot go to Abita and not tour the brewery.  Dave took a picture inside and it looked like a bunch of Airstreams to me...all those big silver tanks full of beer.

Everyone started to pull out Saturday morning...St. Patrick's Day.  We had definately been blessed with the "Luck of the Irish" on this trip.  D and V decided to pull me to a KOA in Denham Springs, LA and stay overnight and then back into Lafayette on Sunday. 

What an experience and a BIG confidence builder!  Dave is feeling like a ole pro pulling me down the Interstate...parking me...moving me from place to place...

..And I'm lovin' every minute of it!!!!