Tuesday, December 1, 2015


Gypsy Rhapsody
Thanksgiving at the beach is the best...
according to Vannie and Dave.
Just too much sand for me.  I would rust out after one day.
Soooo...V and D headed to the beach in Gulf Shores, AL
with grandson, Vincent and Cooper.
Vannie says when you get two boys together...6 and 10...
your senses get overworked...
loud, stinky, hungry, touchy, and notices everything.

What does everyone want to do when they first get to the beach?
Put their feet in the sand and water...
Vannie says it is just what people do.
I'll take her word for it.
V says this is a crawfish.
Looks kind of like a big tick to me.
Gotta love those little hand prints.

Up early and out late...

What...no homemade grandma food???
Vannie said she wasn't going to spend all her time cooking,
but Spaghetti O's...!!!!

Cooper is really getting the feel of the beach.

If you go anywhere with Vannie...art is part of the deal.

Now, this is livin'.
Dave said it was  wonderful to finally have a grandchild that was old enough to cook.
Cooper has this onion, mushroom, and cheese omelet down pat.

Dig to China


I can almost smell this photo.

I can almost smell this one, too.
What in the heck is this?
Vannie said the boys found it on the beach...
and then this little crab came out of it.

Run, Vincent, Run

Vannie said nobody but Cooper had the nerve to get in the pool.

Looky here...
Emilie and Maddie flew in to the Pensacola airport midweek.
I think Vincent was happy to see his mom.

Maddie loved the sand.

What a threesome.!

Bacon Lovers


Come on Maddie...You can do it.

Oh...the smell of gasoline at the fun park.

And Chlorine... The battle is on with Cooper, Emilie, and Vincent. 

Maddie was so relaxed on the Tilt-a-whirl she almost went to sleep.

Dave said the waves really were strong later in the week.

2 peas in a pod

"Look what I found, Cooper"

Wait...aren't they at the beach during Thanksgiving?
Vannie said that her Halloween pumpkin never got carved...so....
she brought it with her.

Fun Times

Dave said he wanted an outfit like Vincent's.
The colors just glow.

Bedtime...she doesn't look very sleepy.

Thanksgiving day
Vannie, Dave, Cooper, Vincent, Maddie, and Emilie
all gathered round their Halloween Jack-o-lantern
and had a wonderful meal...
Baked chicken, Stouffer's mac and cheese, Green Giant brussel sprouts,
Italian green beans and Brookshire's pecan pie.
Easy Peasy and very thankful...