Friday, January 15, 2021

2020...check BRING ON 2021


                                                                        Minuet in G

           (a 1979 Argosy, made by Airstream, who has a blast trying to keep up with Vannie and Dave)

Vannie and Dave had a great Christmas to round off 2020.

They celebrated in Austin, TX and then again in Lafayette, LA.

Lots of great family fun

Merry Christmas
Vannie and Dave
Ho  Ho  Ho

They were in Austin for Christmas morning.
Don't you love Maddie and Vincent's faces when they saw what Santa had brought them.
Vannie said that no matter had old she gets, she always remembers the
excitement of Christmas morning.  

Vincent wondering..."What's in this present?"
Tear it open, Vincent.
I bet it is something you'll love.

Maddie was excited about her new American Boy Doll.
She renamed him about a dozen times.
Vannie said she didn't know what was the last one.

Dave enjoys getting a stocking as much as the kids.
He said Santa had some fun stuff .  That old Santa
has been around the block once or twice.

...And then there is always that one toy that you just have to read the instructions.
Emilie is trying to get the toy jeep's radio to pay.
It was actually bluetooth...REALLY!!!
It played Christmas music for the family for the rest of the day.
Christmas is high-tech now, Folks.!

He is growing and growing and growing.
His bed is almost too small.
Vannie said the excitement was almost too much for him,
although, he got plenty of new toys, too.
Santa doesn't forget man or beast.

Oh my Goodness...
V and D's favorite Christmas movie is "Elf"...
and, low and behold, while on a walk in the neighborhood,
they had an "Elf" sighting.

Christmas Day pie making
T-Pop's favorite...Apple
These pies were actually a gift from a friend.
All the ingredients come in a box...the recipients put the pies together...
What a great idea!!!

Moving on Lafayette and 2021
Happy New Year
Black-Eyed Peas....for luck...

...and cabbage...for money...
 with a side of pork chops.

Bring on 2021...Vannie and Dave are ready.!

Ashley and Diane's House
Diane had made these adorable trees out of wood pallets.
The house looked so festive outside and inside.

Emilie and the kids followed us to Lafayette.
Diane cooked a big pot of chicken and sausage gumbo.
David said that when he was growing up, there was a kid's table
and a grown-up table.
Well, this is the grown-up table...

...and this is the kid's table.
What goes around, comes around.!

Maddie (8), Vincent (11), Cooper (15)
Girard Park in Lafayette

The ever popular ice cream truck...
Maddie, Emilie, and Vincent are having a treat.

Fireworks to top off the Christmas, New Year's Celebration

Acadian Park in Lafayette has wonderful hiking trails.
Ashley and Vannie tried this one out in November.
Ashley and Vannie let Dave tag along on their January hike.
It was such a nice mild Louisiana winter day.

They discovered this note tucked in a hole in a tree.
"Forest Spirits, Thank you for protecting this land.  
We honor you. 💗 B, I, & J

Vannie's already thinking about what message she is 
going to write on her next hike...wherever or whenever that might be.

V and D were parked in New Iberia, LA
right across the street from a sugar cane field.
This big harvester looks like a giant dinosaur about to eat that truck.  Yikes

David had a front row seat to watch the all activities.

Those guys work from sunup to sundown.

After the cane is cut,  it goes to the mill.

Farmer Mike McDonald owns the cane field across the street.
He had been a cane farmer for 30 years.
He brought V and D 2 bags of raw sugar.
Vannie interviewed Farmer Mike for an article for the
February Questa Del Rio News.
Really a nice guy!

The cane is all cut and carried away.
The final crew to check out the fields are the egrets.
They check the rows for bugs and bugs and more bugs.
Vannie said there were plenty out there...we are in Louisiana, you know. 

Dave had one final project to complete on me before heading back to Texas.
Ashley came out and helped Dave with the work.
Dave said that he mostly just handed Ashley the tools,
and Ashley did the REAL work.

Vannie and Dave will be back in Texas next week.
Covid Vaccines scheduled for Tuesday.
 Ready to stomp this rascal in the ground.