Tuesday, October 30, 2012


Vera (Rio Rancho), Jennie (Arizona/Indiana), Helen (RioRancho), Carmen (RioRancho), Dave (Harem Master),
Loretta (Lafayette/RioRancho), Cousin Janet (Dallas), Vannie (this pic was taken in V and D's timeshare in Red River)
The poster above them was designed by Jonathan Warm Day for the Taos Talking Picture Festival.
Road to Arroyo Seco...Leaves were still pretty along this stretch
We stopped to explore the "Des Montes Folk Art Gallery".  Still on the road to Seco.  Mountain in the backgroud is part of the Eastern Sierra Madra Range.  Vannie said this was a delightful little gallery.
Cousin Janet standing on the streets of Seco...just look at the glorious NM sky!
Can you believe V and D has this for breakfast?  Well, they did.  The RioRancho girls brought homemade tamales, red chili, and tortillas. 
They both said it was delicious.  They had to go a little light on the red chili.  Even coming from the spicy Cajun food...the red chili was a pretty hot.
Taos was on the agenda.  This is Helen and Cousin Janet enjoying the art work of Ingar Jirby.  Her gallery is located on LaDoux Street in Taos.  The harem loved her bright colors and whimsical style.  Ingar is from Sweden originally, but has lived and painted in NM for many years.
In Ingar's back courtyard, she had an exhibit of large metal animals.  The artist for this exhibit is Fredrick Prescott.  He is from New Mexico. 
Doesn't Vannie look at home here.  She is standing in one of Ingar Jirby's Casita's.  These are located right next to her gallery. 
Vannie said that they are adorable and fairly inexpensive.  
My procedure is almost over.  I’m feeling great…just a little sore in places.  I’m off all medication and have been getting several hi-fives from the employees.  I’ve made new friends and have been really pleased with all the attention.  I am getting homesick for Vannie and Dave, especially after this email this morning.  Seems Dave has been busy…read on…

Email to Gypsy from Vannie

Good Morning, Gypsy.  I talked to your “doctors” , and they have given you a glowing report.  They also reported that you have been a model patient.  I am very proud of you, because, from prior experiences, I know that you can be a little outspoken.  Things have been very interesting in Red River.  As you know, you and I have been the top girls in David’s life for the past several months.  Well, he hit the jackpot this past weekend.  He was feeling like an Arabian Sultan with his harem.  Four lady friends from Albuquerque, an old teaching buddy from the 70’s, Janet and myself made up the harem.  The Albuquerque friends and the teaching buddy arrived Friday.  We met them in Arroyo Seco (a village on the way to the Taos Ski Lift).  The day was brisk and sunny…just perfect.  We ate at Abe’s Cantina…authentic Northern New Mexico food.  Lots of cute little shops and, of course, we went in every one. Drove back to Red River on a scenic narrow road.  Shopped some more in Red River.  Rested…Chicken and Sausage Gumbo for dinner…Yum!  Played cards to the wee hours.  Saturday included more shopping in Red River, art galleries in Taos, lunch at Old Martina’s in Rancho de Taos.  Old Martina’s was a dance hall many moons ago.  Just opened and we loved the place.  Everything from goulash to French pastries.  Afterwards the harem dissipated by all going home.  Dave was little bummed, but Janet and I just tried to give him a little extra attention until he could readjust.  Wonderful weekend, but, as always, we are missing you and looking forward to next Monday.

Harem, huh…well, he better readjust.  I’m not putting up with anyone taking my place in his lineup of women.  And just what do you mean about “out spoken”….me?  Never!


Wednesday, October 24, 2012


This is supposed to look like me?...I don't think so.  This looks like an Airstream that has been on Jenny Craig.
Who is this guy?  Looks like he is just full of hot air! 
A bunch of ink pens?...and?...Vannie said this was one of the exhibits...GOOFEEE
OK...they've gone to far!
Oh no...she's lost it now!

I think I just heard that familiar “beep”.  An email from Vannie.  It is about time.  I can’t wait to hear what D and V are up to now.

Out of this World Email from Vannie

Gypsy, guess what…I saw a “real” space ship today, and I think it might be one of your distant relatives.  It was kind of bullet shaped, and it was silver.  Do ya think?  We were coming back from Crestone, CO from visiting my cousin, Kathryn Brady.  Remember her…she is the principal of the Crestone Charter School.  Had a great visit.  On our way back to New Mexico, I saw a bright flash of silver out of the corner of my eye.  As I turned to look in that direction, I saw a sign directing us to small museum and exhibit about UFO’s.  Well, you know us…when there is an adventure…go for it.  We pulled off the road and made our way down to the museum and exhibit.  It wasn’t open, but we got out and did a bit of exploring.  I have to admit it was a little weird, but when I saw the silver spaceship…I did think of you.  Ya never know!  Hope all is well…miss ya!

Now, this is about the weirdest email I have ever received.  Me, spaceships, UFO’s…I think they have gone off their rockers.  It’s time for them to come on home to Mama. 

Saturday, October 20, 2012


Petroglyphs...looks like I see a spaceship and an alien...strange

Would you look at that NM sky...awesome...and the yuca plant!
Coronado State Park
There she goes...down into the kiva.
Just so beautiful...on the road to Jemez Springs, NM
North of Albuquerque...on the road to Jemez...
almost doesn't look real
Soda Falls...all the kids in the orange vests were on a geological field trip from Minn.
Battleship Rock

The tunnel along Hwy. 4
I'm still in Albuquerque getting my procedure.  I think it is taking a little longer than they thought it would.  Luke and all the other employees have been so nice "and gentle".  It has really been a little mini vacation.  The food is good and the service is great.  Everyone has such pleasant bedside manners.

I think I'll check my email.  Vannie promised to write about what she and Dave are doing.  Well, lookie here.   I've got something.

Email from Vannie...
Hi, Gypsy...how's it going?  I hope everything is getting taken care of and you are not getting too bored.  Dave and I have been busy.  After we left you in the hands of Luke, we spend about 4 days with Loretta.  She is such a great tour guide.  She took us to so many places.  Right in the middle of Albuquerque are some wonderful petroglyphs.  Loved seeing those.  Always amazes me.
Another interesting spot was the Coronado State Park.  They had reconstructed a Native American Kiva.  It was a room used for religious rituals.  Normally only men can enter the kiva, but in this case all could go in.  We had to enter from the top and climb down a ladder. There were paintings on every wall painted by a Native American artist.  Beautiful...
Another day Loretta drove us down State Hwy. 4 to Jemez Springs, NM....what spectacular sights!
Soda Falls (a water fall where the mineral deposits made amazing formations)...
Battleship Rock (Rock formations that look like a battleship)
Tunnels (tunnel blasted through the mountains for the highway)
Native American Fair (food, crafts, dances...battery ran out in camera, so no pics)
Will write more later...Luv ya and miss ya, Vannie

Gosh, sounds like they are doing fine...seeing a bunch of stuff!  Even though everyone is so wonderful around here, I am missing V and D.  Just 2 more weeks...what's that in my sweet young life...

Thursday, October 18, 2012


Holiday RV Service Center...Here I sit!

My new axles

Lucas Aragon..."The Hunk"

Well, here I sit...at Holiday RV Service Center in Albuquerque.  I didn’t get to go to Loretta’s because my rearend could not get up her driveway.  She had a special spot just for me, but her driveway has a slant to it, and it just wasn’t going to happen.  Dave tried to get me in every which way but loose...front ways, side ways, slanted ways...nope...wasn’t going to happen.  The butt just kept dragging the ground.

          So.....here I sit...waiting for my “procedure”.  Vannie and Dave dropped me off and headed on over to Loretta’s for a few days.  Later they will be going to Red River to stay in their condo for 3 weeks while I get all fixed up.

          I’m getting new axles and that’s going to help with my rearend problem.  Maybe a little botex might help, too.  Whatever...bring it on!

          I have to admit I am feeling a little blue...but, hold it...who is that hunk! He must be one of the repair men.  OMG...this might not be so bad after all.

          I just heard him name...Lucas Aragon...I think I’m swooning.  Excuse me while I go put on my lipstick.  Wait! What did I just hear?  Lucas just said..."Don't worry, Gypsy, I'll be gentle".  Someone get me a paperbag quick...I think I am hyperventilating.

(ps...Vannie is leaving me her laptop and cell phone, so I’ll be letting you know about her adventures, but right now, I am a little preoccupied.

Tuesday, October 9, 2012


Balloonists wa-na-bee's!

Evening Glow

Vannie, Sarah, Howard, Jay, Marilyn, Dave...all from Lafayette
They were visiting the Tinker Museum on Sandia Mountain inbetween seeing the balloons.

Right outside my window

Helen, Jean, Loretta, Linda, Vannie, Dave
They were at the Balloon Bunch at Helen's house.

I loved this one...looks like the little bee balloons are cheering on the fire hydrant balloon.
Dave, Vannie, Tom, and Sara...Eating at The Range
A Sight to Behold

          The Fifth Dimensions would be singing their lungs out if they were at the Albuquerque Balloon Fiesta.  I’m not even sure the Fifth Dimensions are still alive, but they would love it here.

          “Up, Up and away in my beautiful balloon”...can you hear me...can you hear me...I’m singing my heart out.

          I am parked in a VIP location with all my other buddies in our Airstream group.  We even got right next to our Lafayette friends...Sarah/Howard Bourque and Marilyn/Jay Keefs.  Every morning I’ve opened my eyes to the most beautiful sight...over 700 balloons firing up and taking off.  They are right in front of the Sandias Mountains.  It is breathtaking.

          Vannie and David have gone onto the grounds to see the balloons ascend each morning bright and early.  Some mornings I’ve had to start my singing to get them out of bed. 

          One morning they were invited to a Balloon Bunch at Helen’s house.  Helen is a friend of Loretta’s.  Remember Loretta...I met her a weeks ago in Albuquerque when V and D came through on their way to Questa.  I kind of was a little sad I couldn’t go to the bunch, but got over it rather quickly with all the tourist around ooing and ahhing over me.  It just seems like Airstreams attract people like flies.  Of course, I love all the attention.

          The Airstream right next to me was from Massachusetts (thank the Lord for spell check).  She was a honey.  I sure enjoyed her company.  She told me all about her home state and invited us to come for a visit.  I told her I would pass the word to V and D, and for her to not be surprised if we showed up one day.  Her owners were Tom Early and Sara Barss.  Super nice folks.  V and D went out to eat with them last night.  Vannie came home raving about the food.  She said they went to a place called “The Range”...as in oven. 

          Another surprise that sent me into a quiver was seeing Linda Orr and her sister Jean from Lafayette.  They are Loretta’s sister-in-laws and had come for a visit.  Five ladies were at my door this morning at 5:30.  V and D barely had their pants on.  I was awake and ready for guests.  They came in for a visit and a cup of coffee, and they then were off to the Fiesta. 

          This is our last day here at the Fiesta site.  V and D will be moving me to Loretta’s house for a few days.  It has been great.

          “Up, up and away, my beautiful balloon”...just had to get in one more song. 


Sunday, October 7, 2012



          I have been in Hog Heaven...maybe I should say Airstream Heaven since Thursday.  We arrived in Albuquerque Thursday evening, and when we drove up into the Enchanted Trails RV Park, I knew Mama had come home.  Airstreams all over the place.  New ones, old ones, shiny ones, big ones, little ones, and, then, of course, cute little old me! 

          Vannie and Dave got up Friday saying how they had slept like a log.  Well, I was just too excited to sleep a wink.  I kept thinking about what was going to happen next.  Vannie told me to relax, but I just couldn’t. 

          We headed out of the Park around 8:30.  V and D made sure I was right behind our good friends from Lafayette...Sarah/Howard Bourque and Marilyn/Jay Keefs.  We headed to Campers World right next door, and then I almost wet my pants.  There were row upon row of Airstreams...shining and glistening like new money.  I just can not explain the excitement I felt.  It was almost overwhelming...had to get my tissue out a couple of times.

          Around 10:00 everyone started revving up their engines.  We pulled out, and V and D had their eyes glued on Sarah/Howard’s Airstream.  Their camper’s name is Helen, and she was born in 1997, so she has a very nice rearend.  Route 66...I40...I25...Alameda Drive...Balloon Fiesta Park...it was a little hairy at times, but we made it all in one piece.  I was doing some serious praying....and the Good Lord came through!

          More about the Fest later...107 Airstreams waiting for the Balloons..Just Too Good To Be True!


Thursday, October 4, 2012


Guy is at the top, then Dave, Vannie, LaRinda and John on the side

Now, is the funniest thing...Dave trying to go up and Guy trying to come down...Bernice and Farmerville still trying to be first.

Santo Nino Chapel in Chimayo

The shoes dedicated to the Christ Child

El Santuario de Chimayo...The church with the Holy Dirt

Chimayo had a great restaurant.
Ah-h-h...finally everyone comes home to be...

          Yep, fun with old friends...there’s nothing better.  Vannie and Dave had a blast with Guy Wesley Cagle and his wife, LaRinda and their friend, John.  Guy Wesley and Vannie were neighbors in Bernice many moons ago.  I heard some pretty hilarious stories about the two of them. 

          Guy, LaRinda, and John were vacationing in Santa Fe, so V and D brought me down to Espanola to the Cottonwood RV Campground.  I loved the place.  It was right next to a big apple orchard.  Vannie even squeezed through the barb-wire fence and picked about a bushel of apples.  She made the yummiest smelling applesauce, too.  Well, anyway, I stayed around the campsite and visited with the cutest little Scamp camper parked right beside me.  We hit it off right away, so when V and D said they were heading out for an adventure, I said...”Bye, Bye...Take your time...Have Fun...Tell me about it when you get back.”

          So off they went...and upon their return, they were talking a mile a minute...lots of fun stuff...

          First they met Guy, LaRinda, and John in White Rock (about 30 minutes from here).  From there, they took a shuttle to Bandelier National Monument.  This was in the Frijoles Canyon.  Vannie and Dave had thought about taking me up there, but after they checked it out, they said, “No Way”.

Gypsy is staying put in Espanola...and I said, “Thank the Lord.”  Bandelier was the home of Ancestral Pueblo People.  They carved their homes from the volcanic rock called tuff. When I saw the pictures, I was amazed.  After they left Bandelier, they headed to Los Alamos.  The atomic bomb for World War II was made there.  Wowzer!  They went to a museum.  V and D said that Los Alamos was different than most New Mexico towns.  It is actually built on 4 mesas...A-M-A-Z-I-N-G...I would love to see it, but not enough to drive up those winding mountain roads to get there. Just will have to be satisfied with the stories.

          The next day the whole group met in Chimayo, NM.  Tiny little town about 10 miles from Espanola.  Vannie said that there is a church there called El Santuario de Chimayo that has Holy Dirt...you heard me...Holy Dirt.  It is considered to be the Lourdes of America.  Anyway, V and D got a little sack of the dirt...you just never know when you might need some Holy Dirt.  Another chapel nearby was called Santo Nino Chapel.  It had rooms with children’s shoes donated to the Christ child. 

          Guy, LaRinda, and John came by to see me after visiting Chimayo.  I was so happy to meet them.  They thought I was adorable, of course.  Now, I’m not bragging, but “when ya got it...ya got it”!...

Monday, October 1, 2012


 Columbine Trail between Red River and Questa
 Sangre de Cristo Mountains near Taos
 Gypsy in front of the Ranchos de Taos Church
back of the Ranchos de Taos Church
Gypsy relaxing by the Rio Grande River
Such a "Grande" spot
the gorge is just over those bushes...it's kind of hard to take a picture of me and the gorge...Vannie said she didn't want to see me dangling over the side...I really didn't think that was funny, at all.
Head up…look to the right…smile…Gypsy, stop talking…that’s what I heard all day today.  Dave, Vannie, and I were heading to Espanola, and we were having a “Gypsy Photo Shoot” along the way. 

            Dave said before we even started that it was not going to be easy doing a photo shoot with a 31 feet silver bullet….and you know what, he was right.  Just the process of pulling off the road…taking a shoot…and then pulling back on was a feat.  Then there was the time we got on the wrong road, and there was no place to turn around.  You know, it takes a pretty big spot to turn me around.  We drove and drove and finally made a giant circle and came back to the main road.  V and D were thanking the Good Lord for bringing us back to the right place.

            Stopping at the Ranchos de Taos Church was a highlight.  This church is the most photographed church in the United States.  I don’t know who counted the photographs, but I guess someone did.  Anyway, I just loved this spot.  Vannie said that Georgia O’Keeffe (famous American woman artist) did paintings of this church many times.  Ms. O’Keeffe lived near this area.

            Another stop was at the trailhead at the Columbine Trail between Red River and Questa.  V and D had hiked this trail several days ago, and I was so excited to see it.  It has lots of beautiful trees, so it made a perfect place for a photograph.

            The Rio Grande River…it seems so small when I saw it up close and personal.  I guess it is “Grande”, because it is so long.  It was nice and cool beside that river.  I was taking in big gulps of air, until Vannie told me to stop.  She said it would give me the hic-ups.  Guess she know best!

            Beautiful colors…purple, green, brown, gold, tan, gray, blue….these were all the colors of the Rio Grande Gorge.  I could see for miles and miles…and the way that tiny little river had cut into the land was spectacular. 

            Vannie, Dave, and I are all tucked in for the evening in the Cottonwood Campground in Espanola, NM.  It has been a long day, but so successful.   It’s not going to take us long to start sawing some Z’s.