Wednesday, February 26, 2014


98, can you believe!
Yes, that's right, Aunt Ruth was 98 on February 23.
Aunt Ruth is Vannie's mom's youngest sister.  She is the only one of the family left and is in a nursing home in Flower Mound, TX.  
Dave and I decided to hang loose in Austin while Vannie, Emilie, and the kids went to the birthday party.  Roy had to work,  so Vannie, Emilie, and the kids headed out Saturday around noon.  They said they were sure the kids would be asleep before they got out of town.  NOT...finally in Waco the zoo was calling to them.  A place the kids could run and scream and get off some of that pent up energy.  Perfect idea!  Vannie said that it worked, and when they got back in the car an hour were in la la land by they time they hit the road.
Sleep over at Cousin Janet's in Flower Mound, TX at the park
...AND, of course, THE PARTY!
  Vannie said Aunt Ruth was in good form.  She seemed to recognize everybody.  Couldn't always call their name, but knew their face.  Those in attendance were Aunt Ruth's nephew and his wife, George and Josie Johnston, their son and daughter-in-law, Tim and Cindy Johnston, great niece, Emilie and her kids, Madeline and Vincent, Vannie, and her daughter, Janet.  
Vannie, Emilie, and kids headed back to Austin after the party.  Vannie said that this time, Vincent fell asleep immediately and Madeline just jibber-jabbered and played with her toes.  Around Hillsboro, they stopped for dinner.  When they got back in the car, Madeline fell asleep, and Vincent kept Vannie and Emilie in stitches with his story telling.  Vannie's mom was an awesome story teller, she was coming out in little Vincent's imagination.  Precious!
Me, Dave, and Vannie were all back together around 9:30 pm...Ahhhhh!

Aunt Ruth looking good!

Daughter, Janet

George, Josie, Emilie, Madeline, Vincent


The boys table...George, Vincent, Tim
Playing at the park

These go everywhere with Vincent...he is always prepared for playtime.

Waco Zoo

Some down time at Cousin Janet's...just waiting around for the party.

Friday, February 14, 2014


February 14, 2014...It is a beautiful day in Austin, Tx.  Blue skies, 80 degrees, sun in the air.  Well, I don't know if it is love, or just that everyone is so darn glad that it is not snowing or sleeting or 29 degrees or schools have been called off.  Smiles are everywhere you look.  People are laughing, sitting on their patios waving at passers-by, riding bikes...They are hoping that the cold is OVER.  I am, too.

Vannie and Dave have been enjoying the grandkids and helping with some home renovations at Emilie's house.  We'll be here in Austin till March 2.

Gypsy's Valentine's Poem to You
I was sitting in Spot 27 at the Lone Star RV
Just thinking about all my friends and me...
I knew it was Valentine's Day
And I was seeing the kids at play...
Then on a tree limb up above
I spotted a beautiful turtle dove...
All at heart was filled with LOVE!
Happy Valentine's Day from Gypsy and her family
(Corny, but... oh well...)
Sweet Madeline

McDonald's...always a good choice for grandparents

When you can't get to the bathtub because of renovations...the sink is a good plan B.

The Zoo...another winner for grandparents

Petting Zoo...Vincent was really warming up to that goat.

Which foot does that Elmo shoe go on?  I don't think either one of them knew.

Vannie made these camo pants for Vincent.

...and the Camo skit for Madeline.

...banana bread...Yummy!

Dave helping with the renovations.

That guitar plays music, and Madeline LOVES it.

Valentine Lunch at BEETS Café in Austin.
Pizza Rustica
A sprouted sunflower seed, hemp crust generously topped with seasoned almond nut cheese, zesty tomato sauce, marinated mushrooms, sweet pepper, crispy onions, olives, fresh tomato, basil, spices, and crystal salt, served with a petite Caesar Salad.
(Vannie didn't know whether to eat it or smoke it...LOL! She said it was delicious.)

Raw Reuben
Sunflower flatbread layered with 1000 island dressing, kraut, marinated portabella mushrooms, caramelized onions, and Swiss cashew cheese, served with beets salad and veggie chips.
(This was Dave's choice.  He said it was divine!)
Looks and sounds a little weird to me...but whatever floats your boat!