Monday, May 27, 2013


Coop helping hook me up.
Rolling thourgh the swamp
Pass the oak trees
Boys hiking in the jungle. At times I thought lions and tigers and bears might jump out any minute.   Actually, snakes and spiders and skunks could make a real appearance. 
Splash Park
Vannie was enjoying watching the boys while drinking out of her cute thermal mug with Emilie and Madeline on the side.

Starting the fire...Be careful, Coop.  I was like a mother hen watching this procedure.  Don't burn your finger, watch out, don't drop the lighter in the fire.  He didn't pay one bit of attention to me.
Marshmallows, Mosquitoes, and Merriment
Do those three go together?  You betcha!  Actually, I don't think you can have one without the other.
Vannie, Dave, Cooper, and I headed out to Palmetto State Park six miles south of Abbeville, LA.
Now listen hear folks...six miles south of Abbeville is way down the bayou!  There's a bunch of water, oak trees, alligators, magnolia trees, boudin, crawfish, swamp, and "marshmallows, mosquitoes, and merriment."  I was sucking in my sides as Vannie pulled me down some of those roads.  Whoo-Whee...I was saying my prayers...for sure!
Cooper was a huge help for T-Pop (Dave).  He helped him hook me up and unhook me when we arrived at the park.  He had a birthday May 13.  He turned eight years old.  It is amazing what one more year can do.  That little tapper is strong, yeah!
The Duhon's (friends from Lafayette) met up with us.  Zack and Cooper teamed up and had a great time hiking the trails and getting wet at the Splash Park.  I was wishin' for some water to splash on me.  My silver skin can get really know!!!!
But guess what...when the sun went down...out came the "marshmallows, mosquitoes, and merriment.
You just can't have a campout with all three...those sticky roasted marshmallows and Cooper's sticky hot skin attracted those big pesky mosquitoes like crazy.  Buzzzzzz...Buzzzzzz...Get the spray, Vannie! 
No matter the mess....merriment abounded!
...Oh, My...I also forgot to tell you about the fireflies.  When it got dark, they were everywhere.  I haven't seen so many since I was just a little trailer back on the farm.  It was a like a Disney movie.
Vannie said she kept looking for Tinker Bell to land on her shoulder.  I kept listening for the music.
It was a sight to behold....and Vannie didn't take a picture.  Darn!  Guess that will just be an excuse to go back. 

Thursday, May 23, 2013


Sitting pretty at Marilyn and Jay's on Bourque Road
Duck Dynasty

Old Grocery/Feed Store across the street...Shut

Sugar Cane Field

Old Whitey

Oops...Roadkill....some people around here would make a gumbo out of  this. (Just had to put this picture...hope it doesn't gross you out)

The vacant old red house on the corner

Rice Fields

Just a bunch of clover
Gosh, where has the time gone?  I just love looking out my window on Bourque Road and seeing the sites.  I'll be traveling to Palmetto State Park in Abbeville for the weekend.  Looking forward to camping with Vannie, Dave, and Cooper. 
Hope you enjoy what I have been looking at for the past 3 weeks.

Thursday, May 9, 2013


Vincent and his friend enjoying the festival

Look at that Dave...Cutie Pie

So these are the drums I've been hearing

Opening Ceremonies

Just a little music in front of the gelato shop

Friends, Tom and Sarah from MA

Cooper made this mask for his proud...they both loved it!

Mariachi Girls from San Antonio

Dave, Son Ashley, Friend Sean

Barber Shop Quartet...Friend Ted Jacques on Right

V and D's beautiful kids...Ashley and Emilie
Beat of the Drums
Voices of the People
Strum of the Guitars
Hum of the Crowds
Laughing, Singing, Dancing
Twirling, Running, Walking
Eating, Drinking, Tasting
Over and Over...Friends, Old and New
The Festival International De Louisiane
It's the One!!!

Vannie and Dave couldn't stop talking about the I just had to put a few more
"Festival Moments" on my blog.  I could hear the fun happening all the way on Bourque Road.
I was swaying with the beat!