Sunday, May 29, 2022



Gypsy Rhapsody

(a 1977 Airstream that "gets into" being on the road)

A new spot!!!

Santa Rosa Lake State Park

Santa Rosa, NM

Electricity, but no water!

Lots of twists and turns to get to our

designated spot, but well worth it. 

As you can NM sky and cotton puff clouds

We did hit some unusual weather on the way to Santa Rosa.
Dark skies...


...and snow...
Yes, you read that right...snow.

But once all of that was behind us...
Vannie and Dave couldn't wait to hit the trails.

The trails were well marked.
As you can see, Vannie had her jacket on.
Just a bit chilly.
You can see the lake in this picture.
The camp host said the water was very low.
All of NM is in much need of rain...and lots of it.

V and D felt like they were in a nature museum.
An abstract "painting"

Human "art" heart

Ocotillos were everywhere.
Natural sculptures

A couple of dead branches
A triangular rock
On the trail...

Heading out of Santa Rosa Lake State Park...
V and D said we are definitely coming back.

Stopped for gas ($4.69) near Camel Rock, NM
Hwy. 285 north of Santa Fe
Natural landmark
Pink Sandstone
40 feet high and 100 feet long

We headed on down the road.
Pulled in at the San Francisco de Asis Catholic Mission Church
Ranchos de Taos, NM
It's one of the most photographed churches in the world....
thanks to Georgia O'Keeffe and Ansel Adams.
Together they memorialized this church for all to enjoy.
It has been an active church since the 1700's.

Almost to Questa, NM
Our home away from home for about 4 months.
Love the snow on the mountains.

Memorial Day Weekend
Vannie and Dave work part-time at the Caribel
in Red River, NM (10 miles up the mountain from Questa)
There is a huge motorcycle rally happening right now.
This is a Batman Bike.

It really caught Vannie's eye.

From every angle...

Bikers love to bike...
but they also love to fish.
The Caribel is the perfect spot in Red River to do just that.

Vannie took this from the backside of the Caribel.
You can see the playground, the condo, the mountains,
and that beautiful NM sky.

No smoke...Hooray!

Ready for the summer to begin!!!

Monday, May 23, 2022



Gypsy Rhapsody

(a 1977 Airstream that is soooo excited about heading west)

After Vannie and Dave left Austin,

they were supposed to head to Louisiana,

but they had a wee roadblock, so they

hung out at the Airstream park in Hillsboro.

Bacon, eggs. waffles...
If I could eat, I'd be the first in line.

Saturday Morning at the Coffee Shop
in downtown Hillsboro...
Overflow Coffee is the spot.
Latte and blueberry scone

Since V and D didn't get to go to Louisiana, they 
 missed seeing the newest member
of the family...Noah Grant Hill
Noah is V and D's great great nephew.
His sweet sister is Stella.
His parents are Brooke & Michael Hill.
Just will have to do with pictures for now.

Grandson, Vincent, pitched his way to
victory for the win in the championship game..

Granddaughter, Maddie, is an awesome swimmer.
Placed first in the butterfly at her meet.

Grandson, Cooper, finished 11th grade with a bang.
Honor Student
Band...Saxophone and Trumpet
Working part-time after school 

Ok...Ok...Vannie says she knows she is bragging,
but, as the grandmother, that's her job.

You remember I said there was a roadblock.
Well, this was it!
Dave had to have hernia surgery.
He came through with flying colors.
Vannie practically had to chain him to the bed.
He loves doing lots of projects, but it was imperative
that he take it easy.

Soooo, she did let him go to Walmart
and walk around.  Not real exciting,
but he was glad to be released for a little while.

Then after a couple of weeks,
she let him vacuum.
He though he had died and gone to heaven.
It's the little things!!! 

It was finally time for us to GO WEST.
V and D's friend, Douglas Cunningham
met them at church.
He sang with Dave in the choir.
"I'll Fly Away"
First Methodist, Hillsboro
You can see me in the background.
I patiently waited till the singing and sermon was over...
then we loaded up and headed out.

First Stop
Tye, NM
(close to Abilene)
Tye RV Park

Texas is BIG.
When you start driving takes forever.

This is a fishing pond at the Tye RV Park.
They didn't have their poles, but it was
fun to check it out on their morning walk.

Second Stop
Shallow Water, Texas
NW of Lubbock
Richard's RV Park
This picture was taken in the park
looking across the street.  
That golden strip is dust or dirt in the air.
Lots of it
My windows and doors had to be closed.

...but it was a very nice place...I enjoyed the rest.

Tomorrow we will head to New Mexico.

Tuesday, May 3, 2022



Minuet in G

(a 1979 Argosy made by Airstream that enjoyed watching Austin bloom)

Lone Star RV
Austin, TX
Blue skies...Blooming flowers...Budding trees...

...and, of course, baseball...

Vincent on the mound doing his famous wind-up...

Vincent's cheering squad

Emilie and Dave 

...and Maddie


...and when the game slows down,
Maddie creates.

Vannie and Dave took some time out for
visits with family and friends.

Alison Johnston's wedding
(cousin on Vannie's mom's side)

...out to eat with Melba and Bob Thomas
V and D first met these friends at East Bayou Baptist Church in Lafayette.
Melba and Bob now live in Austin, Tx.

...out to eat with Joan and Harvey Bollich
Vannie taught with Joan at Broadmoor Elementary in Lafayette.
Joan and Harvey now live in Cedar Park, TX.

Now, for a little more fun with the grandkids.

Vincent having a blast at Urban Air Adventure Park.

Never too old to fall down in the plastic balls area.

Maddie...the adventurous one.

Time for another pic of Prince...
That's one blessed dog!
(He did not go to Urban Air.)

Dave shopping at Lowe's...

V and D will not be in Austin for Maddie and Vincent's birthdays...
so they had a special celebration early.
Ice Cream Cake from Baskin Robbin's...YUM

Vincent in the middle of a hot game with his friend.

Maddie just looking beautiful...

Prince says, "When is my birthday?"

Easter with neighbors

Maddie, Audra, Jay, Vincent

The bunny reading!

Career Day at School
Vet Maddie

Hillsboro, TX
North Texas Airstream Community

Good to be back in Gypsy...

with a new vacuum...just the size she needs.

First Pot Luck at NTAC featured the dancing hula girls.

These ladies knocked it out of the park.

Hill County Courthouse

Right across the street from the courthouse,
V and D attended a photography exhibit 
at Overflow Coffee House.

The photographer was their good friend,
Douglas Cunningham.

Vannie enjoyed the show and the crowds.

Vannie is always noticing the artistic side of things...

This pan of bacon was just too creative not to share.

Everything goes good with bacon.

What did happen to April?

It flew by...and now we are into May.

Goodness Gracious!!!

Vannie and Dave will be in Hillsboro until May 22,

then they will head to New Mexico for the summer.