Sunday, May 25, 2014


Gypsy Rhapsody
Rumble, rumble, rumble...Sounds of Memorial Day Weekend in Questa, Red River, Angel Fair, and Eagle's Nest, NM.  Bikers everywhere!  I even have had bikers from Colorado parked next to me in sweet Mrs. Gonzalez's park in Questa.  The music did get a little loud late in the evening, but Dave just turned up his little noise machine, and he and Vannie slept like babies.
The Caribel Condominiums have been full of bikers, too.  V and D had to work Saturday and Sunday.  Vannie said everyone has been so polite and nice.  Not a rowdy one in the bunch!  She said that she was a little worried about the group of Banditos.  They do have a pretty bad history.  Seems they were some of the politest. So, just goes to show...can't judge a book by its cover.
The weather has been sunny and beautiful in the mornings, but rainy in the afternoon.  I've enjoyed just sitting under the trees at the park and chillin'.   
Memorial Day in the mountains...doesn't get much better than this!
V huggin' up to some biker (notice her earmuffs...about 28 degrees in RR this morning)
Dave said that if you were a biker, you could find just the merchandise you needed in downtown Red River this weekend.
Tents were set up in every available space...check out that NM sky!
Look at official. 
...and look at Dave...not to glamorous, but he says it's nice and warm in the laundry...and nobody bothers him...
Thank you to all the soldiers past and present that help to keep our country free!

Saturday, May 17, 2014


Well, Folks, we made it to our destination....Questa, NM.  After our "plan B" episode, everything else went great.  We stayed overnight in Hillsboro, TX at NTAC (North Texas Airstream Community)...stayed overnight in Amarillo, Tx at the Texas Travel Center on I40, exit 72 (This is a free spot with night security.), then on into Questa.  Arrived Wednesday around 5:00 (NM time).  So glad to be here.  First night temp was 28 degrees at night and about 65 during the day.  It has warmed up a little since then.  Today (Saturday) was around 38 at night and around 70 during the day.  Vannie and Dave started their jobs Thursday in Red River (about ...just half days at first, so that they can get trained.  It is going to include office work and light housekeeping.  Making some extra traveling money!  Those gas pumps can suck up the $$$'s real fast. When they are pulling me, the pumps slurp it up even faster...and most of the time, I'm hangin' on!

New Mexico is a very special place for Vannie and Dave, so they put together this collection of pictures for those of you that haven't ever been here...


You see this big yellow sign...

Everything starts to look brown...AND...looks like a Georgia O'Keefe painting...
The bridges are even objects of art...
The wildflowers grow right out of the dirt...
Every which way you look, there is sky...(this goes for west Texas, too)
Even the IHOP is adobe...
That NM sky...sooooo blue...
You can sit right down by the Rio Grande River and chill...
The cow crossing signs have flying saucers...

Old trucks are a status symbol...
These are just a few "you know you are in New Mexico when...".  There are many more, but this will give you a little taste.
I am enjoying my spot at Gloria Gonzales' RV campground in Questa, while V and D go off to work.  I haven't seen my friend, Tinker the Cat, that I met last year.  I'll have to get Vannie to ask Gloria about her.  So far, I am the only camper parked here.  The peace and quite and the beautiful view is intoxicating!


Monday, May 12, 2014


My mama (God rest her silver soul) always said to have a “Plan B”.  “Plan B” presented itself on Interstate 10 about six miles east of Jennings, LA this past Saturday.  Vannie, Dave, and I had headed out of Lafayette Saturday morning on our way to Hillsboro, TX.  This was going to be our first stop on our way to our destination of Red River, NM.  Vannie was driving, Dave was napping, and I was feeling good.  Dave had just put 2 new tires on me and had done some other much needed repairs while we were in Lafayette.

 All of a sudden, I felt a little tickle on the driver’s side.  Low and behold, one of the new tires, wheel, and lugs flew up into the air, spun around, and flew behind me to wherever speeding tires go.  Vannie saw it happening in a spilt second out of her side mirror.  I gritted by teeth (if I had some), hunkered down and stayed steady.  I do have a double axel, so there was still one tire on the driver’s side.  Vannie was cool as a cucumber.  She slowly pulled me over to the shoulder.  She and Dave just sat there a minute letting what just happen soak in.  Then they started thanking Jesus for the total safety he provided to us and anyone else driving on the interstate at that time.  Dave got out and this is what he saw…it was a big old nub on one side. 
He looked for the tire/wheel, but could not see hide nor hair of it.  It was like it vanished into thin air. (V and D even went back later in the day and looked and looked…to no avail.)

Dave started making some telephone calls

·        THE LORD…FIRST …V and D have a direct line through prayer.

·        Our AARP roadside assistance…discovered it covers the truck, but not me

·        Ross Tire’s in Lafayette (D and V have used them for many years…great people) Dave had just bought the 2 new tires from them.  They had not put the tires on…Dave had.  They gave us a number for a wrecker to pull me back to them. Dave know going all the way back to Lafayette would be costly.

·        Jay Keef (Airstream buddy in Lafayette)…He suggested we get in touch with Lynn and Joyce Conner in Jennings (more Airstream friends). 

·        Lynn and Joyce Conner…”The Rescuers” in a true sense of the word! They provided us a place to hook up at their house, fed V and D, calmed us down, took V and D to church on Sunday, toured them around the area, put them in touch with their nephew that had a wrecker service.  He knew who could fix me, AND he had a wheel he would GIVE us.  They put me under a covered space…so nice and shady.  Their neighbor had a crowing rooster and little blind dog that I befriended.  They told me all kinds of things about Jennings.  Interesting place!
Can you see me...all snug as a bug in a rug?
Our Lady Help of Christian Catholic Church
V and D by the Mermentau River...this was part of the impromptu tour after church on Sunday.   
Doesn't this look like a big spider..scared the wad out of me when I saw this pic...a big tree had split open.  This was taken in Port Arthur, LA
Hidden picture...find the baby!
Dave is torking the lug nuts...Sounds like something Miley Cyrus does...yuck!  Anyway, that's what he didn't do to the one that flew off...Now he knows!
Dave and the Conner's..Our Rescuers
Hooking up ready to "hit the road"...AGAIN!

Friday, May 9, 2014


Gypsy Rhapsody
I've had it...I've got it...I don't want it...I'm trying to get over it!!!
What can I say, I've had "Writer's Block" for a month.  Just couldn't seem to sit down at the computer and tell you about what's going on.  So, today, I just have to get over it and move on.
Being in Lafayette during the springtime is the best!  Everything is so pretty and green.  The flowers are blooming...the fish are jumping...and the cotton is high.  Wait, I think that is a song.  I haven't seen cotton is years, and don't think it comes out in the spring in Lafayette.  OK...I need to get back on track.  I haven't done this in so long...I'm goofy!
Since my last blog entry, the following things have happened...
  • We were parked at Marilyn and Jay Keef's near Milton for about a week.  Had 2 more Airstreams beside me.  I was sitting pretty!
  • Sleepover with Cooper...Always fun...Always a surprise

  • Moved to corner of Church and Second Streets in Youngsville at Kathy and Howard Matt's property. Kath and Howard, as well as Marilyn and Jay, are in our Airstream club.  Members are always ready to offer a helping hand. 

  • David, Son Ashley, Grandson Cooper went on a weeklong camping trip to Big Bend, TX.  They had a blast hiking, tent camping (Dave slept in the truck), cooking out, and exploring.

  • Vannie stayed with me...Girls-time
  • Easter...Vannie enjoyed church, lunch with friends, dyed egg...Great to day celebrating "He is Risen"!

  • Festival International in downtown, food, arts and crafts, friends

  • Vannie got a subbing job in Lafayette and St. Martinville.  She left at the wee hours in the morning and came home tired but smiling.  Teaching in the blood!
(Did she take this picture while she was driving?)

  • Saw lots of old friends in the area...and I think V and D ate and ate and ate.  They kept complaining about their clothes getting too tight.
Oysters Rockefeller
  • V and D made a trip to Farmerville during one weekend to have a sweet visit with Dave's Mom, Pearl.  It was an early Mother's Day visit. V didn't take a single picture.  Slipping!

  • Cooper's Birthday celebration...and I was one of the party participates. Present, Cupcakes, candles (9), Balloon, Card...He loved it all.

Now...the party is over...and we are off to New Mexico.  V and D actually have jobs in Red River, and they are ready to get the show on the road!  New Adventure in the Making!!!