Tuesday, December 24, 2019


Minuet in G
(a 1979 Argosy made by Airstream that said "Halleluja" when she crossed over into California)

Yucaipa Regional Park
Yucaipa, CA
I LOVE my spot.  Such a beautiful park...
It looks like fall.  The leaves are all colors
and are sprinkled all over the grounds.  I feel like I'm in a puzzle.
It was a little chilly and wet when we arrived.
What do Louisiana folks do when it's chilly and wet,
they take the gumbo out of the freezer.
I was quickly filled with the smells of home.

The skies had cleared this morning.  
There was a glow in the air.
Everything smelled refreshing.

Check out that snowy mountain...
The San Bernardino Mountain
When Vannie went to the grocery store,
she said she saw cars covered in snow.
Must have been skiers on their way home.

Sights on the Way
Our Park in Quartzsite

Lots of mountain ranges...sand...dirt...scubby vegetation

...and then this...
General Patton Memorial Museum
Chiriaco Summit, CA...I10
This area was a desert training center for WWII.

Dave and Patton
Dave continues to be amazed at how widespread the war afford was
and how it touched even remote communities.
Some of the recent places that V and D have come across on this trip,
are Marfa, Quartzsite, and here.

Dave's dad was in the Army Air corp in Europe.

Exhibits included a large collection of tanks used in WWII.

Next to the museum was a small community and travel stop.
Vannie said it was if they had discovered an oasis.
...and then they smelled the coffee...
...and the apple pie...

Who can pass up a good cup of coffee and warm apple pie?
Not V and D, for sure.
The perfect stop before heading into the traffic near San Bernardino.

When they saw the star, they rejoiced with exceedingly great joy.
Matthew 1:10

Wishing you a Christmas filled with 
"exceedingly great joy"


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